1. ramakanta

    Transfer E-Mails Messages to Other Email Account

  2. M

    Help me Regarding Placement in IT Company

    Well cordially rejected from TCS.:confused: My branch is electrical and electronics engg. and am in final year. I want to appear for Off Campuses of various IT Companies. But I am not getting up-to-mark information when the popular IT Companies organize there Off Campuses and at which location...
  3. He28

    e-mail issues... need help!

    Hi all, I need your help for e-mail issues. 1. I am going to format my HDD to reinstall Windows XP. I have some important e-mails stored in Outlook 2003. Let me know how can I take the back up so that I don't loose any e-mail and restore al mails in Outlook 2003, once I reinstall XP and Office...
  4. ashu888ashu888

    Downloading E-mails from yahoo account

    Guys, I want to d/load e-mails from my e-mail account in yahoo. THere are approx. 50 E/mails that I want to d/load, plz tell me how to go abt it. Plz DO not give me a solution wich involves Outlook Express. I am having WIN XP SP2 as my OS. Cheers n e-peace....
  5. Batistabomb

    Is this possible ?

    Guys can we make LAN e-mails i.e; company e-mails to be connected in our home, say if we want to connect krishna.kv@hp.com in our house , is it possible , if so any means of software used here ?
  6. n2casey

    Sending e-mails from DOS

    One of my friend told me that e-mails can also b sent in DOS. Can anyone tell me that how can we do that? If this question is asked before then plz give me the link.
  7. phreak0ut

    Phishing Scam Exploits Virginia Tech Tragedy

  8. kerthivasan

    Why Can't They Use Brute Force Method To Hack E-mails?

    Why Can't They Use Brute Force Method To Hack E-mails?
  9. antoniobc

    New system under 20K

    Guys I don't need a hi-fi system, but one decent enough not to get stuck while processing e-mails and documents. With respect to memory, a max of 512Megs of RAM and HDD of max 150GB through SATA preferably! Basic needs are surfing, e-mails, word processing, music, pictures etc... A...
  10. abhinavrakesh

    Motorola V3i With ITunes, Common Problems With Common Solutions

    First Thing First, How You All Send And Receive e-mails (Gmail) By Your Motorola v3i ... v3i Has Inbuilt e-mail client for sending and receiving e-mails (with support for SSL transmission Enabled) without opening a browser, just like mozilla thunderbird, or outlook express ..so why peoples...
  11. 7mm

    Newbie : E-Mail Clients.

    Hi there, Though I'm not new to E-Mails but still unable to use E-Mail clients as they need some accurate settings. I'm using web based E-Mail services as Yahoo!, Hotmail, GMail etc. My question is, How can I set my E-Mail Client (Suggest 1 with easy to use) so that I can recieve all my E-Mails...
  12. N

    Encrypting E-Mails.

    Hello, I guess you can call me a beginneer in computers. Anyways, I need to know how to encrypt my E-Mails so no one will be able to read them except that specific person and requires them to input a password. I am using Outlook Express as my E-Mail client.Thank you.
  13. mohit

    10 tips for better e-mails

    What does your e-mail say about you as a manager? A lot, says David A. Owens, clinical professor of management at Vanderbilt University's Owen School of Management. It provides a window into your workplace status, work habits, stress levels, even your personality, he says. Owens is an...
  14. iinfi

    Fake Microsoft security updates circulate

    Source: *news.com.com/Fake+Microsoft+security+updates+circulate/2100-7349_3-5660042.html?part=rss&tag=5660042&subj=news An e-mail campaign designed to lure people to a bogus Microsoft Web site is making the rounds as part of an attempt to install a Trojan horse, antivirus company Sophos...
  15. K

    your help-please

    I have Windowns 98, second version. I usally send a lot of e-mails. So, whenever i am using Word or Excel, I eagerly attempt to connect to expect replies to my e-mails. So, I waste much time in doing so. Is there any way or method to inform me automatically on my computer whenever a reply...
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