Motorola V3i With ITunes, Common Problems With Common Solutions

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First Thing First,
How You All Send And Receive e-mails (Gmail) By Your Motorola v3i ... v3i Has Inbuilt e-mail client for sending and receiving e-mails (with support for SSL transmission Enabled) without opening a browser, just like mozilla thunderbird, or outlook express why peoples are using Mobile browser for sending and receiving e-mails ? Why Are They Pointing Their Browsers To ( or something like that ?

There Are Softwares Like (Movamail) and Reporo Which Can Connect To Internet For Accesing Gmail..... and Reporo For Instant Messanging For (Yahoo, ICQ, MSN, AIM) .... If You Have Airtel Or Any Other Service With NOP (Net On Phone) enabled Then Anyone Can Send And Receive e-mails And Instant Messages With The Help Of These Softwares ..

The Main Problem Is ...
What Are The Settings One Should Make In Their v3i So That These Java Applets Connects To Internet Using GPRS and Do Their Tasks ?

If SomeOne Here Has NOP and Also v3i ..Try These Two Softwares (Movamail) and (Reporo) For e-mails And Instant Messanging... These Softwares Are Absolutely Free Of Charge And Tried And Tested On v3i .. I Have v3i And I Installed Both Of Them Without Any Problem ...

For Movamail (Supports Gmail, MSN, Yahoo etc) >>>>>
For Reporo (Supports AIM, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo) >>>>

If Anyone Get These Two Softwares To Work .. v3i Will Become The Next Master Mobile In Connectivity And Communication.

The Main Things You Have To Consider And Tell Here Too That Which Settings Work For You For Sending And Receiving Mails And For Instant Messaging ..

Settings Like ..
ISP Settings ..
APN Address ?
Username And Password (I Think Not Important In NOP (GPRS Internet))
And DNS IP Address ?


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i have v3i razer but when i connect to my computer with data usb cable its not connect . what can i do


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First Tell Me , When You Connect Your v3i to Computer .. Then What It Shows .. v3i have two options to connect to computer .. mass storage (to access card) and as modem (motorola USB modem) .. try installing Motorola Phone Tools i think you have the CD of motorola phone tools .. then connect your phone to PC ...

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;)well i am having motorola V3i black edition problem:confused: is that it can only store only abt 50 sms and that is too less there any solution to it.???:confused:
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