1. S

    Surveillance Camera that can work with a laptop

    Is there any way to setup a 2X night vision camera setup by using a laptop as a DVR ? I want those cameras to run directly by using the laptop's USB power, so that there will be no need for a UPS/invertor. If I use a WiFi Camera like this, is it going to work ? Buy Sricam SP007 Wireless...
  2. G

    Pinnacle PDR-44C1-V

    Hello, I was given an old, but in working condition, a CCTV recorder, Pinnacle PDR-44C1-V. How do I Reset the User / Admn / Super Passwords? Or do a Factory Reset? Any help is appreciated.
  3. kARTechnology

    Long Range WiFi AP Suggestion

    Hello guys, 1) I have a TP-Link wr740n connected to a 8-ch CCTV DVR and a PC. 2) I have another 8-ch CCTV DVR and PC @ a location which is around 0.5km to 1km(somewhat Line Of Sight) which is currently has no router/any setup. I plan to setup a AP from the point 1 to 2 Preferring a 300mbps...
  4. R

    CPcam 4Ch MPEG Network DVR forgotten password - RCA LINE with BNC Connector or coaxial Line

    I got a old DVR from previous owner which was unused for sometime . I powered on its turning on , when i type IP address its asking for Username and password BUT sadly he dont know the username and password , i already tried many default username and password and sadly none worked...
  5. N

    CCTV Setup + View over extended LAN/WIFI

    Hi. I am setting a new CCTV Setup with 8 cameras, all night vision bullet type with 900 tvl resolution. I am confused about network function of DVR, so I havent decided on DVR yet. I will need to put dvr in work area. I want to view the cameras at my office, which is 200 meter distance...
  6. P

    Wireless Router with modem around 2.5k

    Hey guys I need a wireless router with inbuilt modem for my Airtel Broadband at my dad's office. I particularly need it to share my internet connection to 3 Computers through ethernet and a DVR. Also, I need a reliable LAN connection through it so it doesn't get any down while file sharing...
  7. R

    CCTV set up in 10k budget without HDD

    Hi, We are planning to install a CCTV set up in our company. our needs are as follows. 1) Need 4 cameras, so 4 channel DVR is enough. Its for outdoors 2) Need to record/live view to separate HDD and delete automatically when HDD is full. 3) Need remote internet viewing enabled DVR though...
  8. aroraanant

    security camera DVR

    I am planning to set up few cameras in my factory to keep a watch on my staff, so I need a DVR(32 CH will be enough I think) and cameras but I don't have any idea about them. I need you guys to tell me that what should be my priority in this and what should I look for. I don't want to spend a...
  9. sam9953

    Are products like AVerTV Box PVR substitues for DVR?

    Hi guys, I was just going through the newspaper the other day and I saw an ad for this product called 'AVerTV Box PVR'. I read its features and found out that it was very similar to my current Airtel Digital TV DVR, which I am using right now. I am thinking of getting rid of my Airtel DVR...
  10. cute.bandar

    Cheapest DVR option ?

    what is the cheapest DVR option available in SD ? is there any option to have a DVR with local cable wallas ?
  11. J

    Hd dth dvr.

    Hi, I am planning to purchase HD LED TV. Currently have TATA SKY. Want to upgrade to HD DVR STB. But highly confused, hence kindly suggest the best one. Hows videocon D2H?
  12. R

    Connecting CCTV camera wire

    Hello friends, I recently bought a CCTV dome camera and a PC DVR card. now iam stuck with the wiring of thi camera. the wire for CCTV camera given to me by shop owner is having 5 different color wires in one. The wire is AWG 25 CCTV wire. Can any one help? i needed i can provide the...
  13. V

    Open CCTV *.STREAM Files

    Hi friends, i handle CCTV DVR in my office.for long backup we directly change Hard Disk in DVR . for that we use two hard disk 1TB & 2TB, That HDD not Read in windows because HDD contain swap & ext partition. for that i use linux reader software & recover *.STREAM files but that file...
  14. amrit1

    Google Buying DVR Software Maker SageTV.

    Google (NSDQ: GOOG) has acquired nine-year-old DVR software company SageTV, in a move apparently designed to enhance its Google TV products. :chinscratch: Read More: Google Buying DVR Software Maker SageTV | paidContent
  15. T

    Help me about 3D tvs

    Hi fellows, In midst of technological advancements in the field of TV, I am left behind wondering what to purchase.First thought about buying HD lcd, then LED, Now I am eager to purchase a 3D:-D. It will be paired with my Videocon DVR stb.(which will be buying shortly)I have...
  16. G

    Clarfications on Reliance HD DVR

    Hi, I live in Bangalore and planning to buy Reliance HD DVR option for my home. I decided this based on south channels and my interest in watching/recording the documentaries in Discovery and NGC If someone has already purchased/using this service let me help in following points 1...
  17. G

    Pls Help system Prices & Quotes..!!

    G33 intel original board, C2Due 3.6GHZ processor, 4GB Ram, 500GB Hard Disk, ATX Cabinet (Dual Fans), 19'' LCD Monitor, Wireless Keyboard & Mouse, DVR Card, 30MIn BackUP UPS. any body pls tell me the hyderabad market rates
  18. thilina

    Pioneer DVR 111d problem

    I have a pioneer dvr 111d dvd writer.its manual says that to write in 16X speed I have to connect it to a 80 wire IDE cable.I did it,but I cant write at 16 X,Only 12 X is shown in nero!!,Wat could be the prob??:confused: :( I knw that there is no cable problem coz i tested this with 2...
  19. thilina

    Flashing pioneer DVR 111d to 111l??

    I have heard that by flashing pioneer dvr 111d to 111l we can enhance its performanceIs this true?? How can i do it??
  20. Sandeepnair85

    First look at Logitech Harmony 1000 Advanced Universal Remote

    Hi guys Check out this cool remote control from logitech. For image click here The Harmony 1000 displays the most important, relevant controls to which device you are operating, according to Logitech. In an example they cited, “when watching TV using a digital video recorder (DVR), people...
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