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[By Demand] Digit July 2006 DVD/CD

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Definitely, all back issues of DIGIT and FastTrack... A lot of MONSOON wallpapers in this HOT SUMMER and also ebooks on self-improvement...
And maybe, in Games something drastically different than usually given...
Oh Yes, could you give us a huge collection of GAME CHEAT CODES to be used while playing.. Thanx
>> Sid (http://sidroy.wordpress.com/ )


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Instead of giving huge collection of cheats why not give the latest version of cheatbook itself.


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Hi There,
i wanted the Fedora 64bit in the July issue.
If it is possible then only.
I wanted tomb raider : Anagel Of darkness the full version.
Please if u can please give this game.


~Bulletproof Monk~
cheat book
winrar the latest edition
and some ebooks
also will be fine if u start given mobile applications
i mean s60,80,90 and uiq stuff that will be really good


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Please include some Freeware full version of games. Please include something which can atleast run on my arthritic PC [boohoo], Sorry,that was my PC. Also, include more linux live CD images. Please accept this URL to some fun and simple Games: monkkonen.net. Also try to include some MODs for Half-Life (the first). I know this may sound outdated, but hey, Half-Life still has some life and is still quite popular. Look up: http://www.ultimate-gamer.com/halflife/hlmods.htm.

Thats all for my humble requests..


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some skins,visuals of window media player ,wallpaper latest version of pagemaker, full version games (can be played offline), 2 dvd one full of games and oter entertaining stufs


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Once I asked for FlyakiteOSX v3.5 and you replied that its buggy. But now I have found people who is using it without any problem. So I request you once more to give it. Let users find out for themselves how well it goes with their system.


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Give latest updates of Photoshop CS2,Flash mx 2004,dreamweaver mx 2004, and also Autopatcher..... Y dont u also give some updates of windows xp pro................... Dont forget to give some ebooks on CSS JAVASCRIPT PHP ASP.....

And i will also request to some cool plugins of ADOBES SOFTWARES (ADOBE + MACROMEDIA)...
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All previous issues of Digit in pdf
Total Commander PowerPack
The Scene Miniseries on piracy
Wikipedia link:

Download link :
(Give the episodes 1 by 1)

Teh Scene - A parody of The scene
Wikipedia Link;


Add to that:

Pinnacle Studio 10 demo if available
ACE Mega CodecS Pack 6.03 - Professional Edition
Halo3 video E3
And Plz make a Fast track on Mac
(If any of this is included earlier u can ofcourse leave it out)
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filth is me
all previous digit editions in pdf would b gr8 but im not sure if theyll do that
but try addin some good ebooks , like from the dummies series or anythin.
and yes free games would b the icing on the cake, TM was gr8, hey, some 1
said u could add the cheatbook database, that would b cool ..


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please give BitDefender 9 or F-Secure Antivirus trial virsion and all its uptodate patches .

well u may ask why I am asking this ? well these 2 r very good antivirus . I know kap-ski,NAV,macafee avast or AVG r more popular to u but believe me u will love using this one also . both of them r veru good rated antivirus .
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