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  1. Nerevarine

    Best DVD-R DL

    What is the best DVD-R DL for backing up large amounts of data.. I need the most durable one but it shouldnt have an outrageous price .. TY in advance
  2. ramakanta

    about optical drive

    I have Sony DVD RW DRU-880S ATA Device. Inside the manual written:- BD-ROM BD-R BD-RE HD DVD-ROM HD DVD-R HD DVD-RW DVD-ROM DVD+R9 DVD+R DVD+RW DVD-R9 DVD-R DVD-RW DVD-RAM CD-ROM CD-R CD-RW my question is - what does it...
  3. A

    50 DVD-R pack price?

    What should be the cost of a DVD Pack of 50 dvd-r? Which company is best if i need for longterm storage?
  4. H

    dvd-r not working

    My sony dvd writer s not able to write to dvd-r but dvd-rw is working pefectly so what could be the problem?
  5. raksrules

    Which DVD writer to Buy ??

    I have a Liteon 60XX (some no) but it is converting all my DVD-R into coasters. I have done the firmware flash but still it has not solved the problem. I need to buy a new one. Please let me know which is a good brand and preferably model no with its price. Also which media should I use for...
  6. G

    I am not able to write with DVD+R

    Hi guys, I wanted to back up the data in my system so i bought some DVD+R dvds. As I had no idea what is the difference between DVD+R and DVD-R i asked the store guy abt it and he said like it doesn't matter which one u take. Then i took my friend's Dell Inspiron laptop with a DVD+-RW drive and...
  7. S

    sony dru 830a not reading dvd-r

    i bought sony dru 830a year back based on digit recommendation.now from a month its not reading dvd-r format.most of the time it does not read dvd-r. one time i burned dvd-r with slowest speed possible and tried it in my friends comp,it is reading in his comp.when i tried the same in my comp it...
  8. damnthenet

    Sony DVD writer problem........

    Hi...... I have a Sony DVD writer bought before 6 months........ It was working fine............but now I am not able to read many DVD-R dvds even those which are playing well in my DVD player (Connected to TV). It reads all digit dual layer dvds but fails in reading many DVD-R... When I...
  9. raksrules

    Able to burn DVD-RW, Not able to burn DVD-R

    I am facing an issue since past couple of days when i tried writing a DVD. I selected all the files and proceeded for the actually burning of the DVD-R. The data is around 4.3 GB consisting of 6 Divx/Xvid movie files. But when the burn process starts the total time shown is around 7-8 minutes...
  10. R

    Sony AW-G170A

    I got the Sony AW-G170A (firmware 1.62) and I am getting the power calibration error while burning DVD-R using nero 7, it burn OK with CD. The DVD-R brand is Verbatim. SMPS: Corsair HX620 I connected one 4 pin cable directly to the dvd writer On further check, the retail box that i got along...
  11. R

    DVD-R Bruning Question..

    DVD-R Burning Question.. As you know the capacity of a DVD-R is some 4.3 GB.. Now i want to know can i add small amount of data many times on it, like i take backups, 200-300 MB at a time.. can i write to it multiple times until its capacity is reached, or i have to add full 4GB at once..? I...
  12. N

    Problem with HP Pavilion DVD-Writer

    HI ALL, i have an hp pavilion dv2119tx laptop which i bought last year december, with a sony dvd-writer in it....i have written or played very less no. of discs, and it was working fine, but suddenly, after a couple of windows updates, the writer has started behaving weirdly....if i put in a...
  13. ajayritik

    What is the difference between DVD+R and DVD-R?

    I tried to search lot of information about the difference between the both and I found out that DVD-R was developed by Pioneer and DVD+R was develpoed by Sony! And also when I buy a blank DVD from the shop I mostly get DVD-R and I also heard that DVD+R are more expensive and some of the DVD...
  14. fun2sh

    [URGENT!!] Adding boot informaton to burnt vista DVD-R

    hi! while tryin to create a vista instalalbe DVD-R today, i just copy pasted the files from VISTA DVD to to nero complilation then i burnt a new DVD-R. then i remebered that i hav not added boot information n hence the DVD-R is not bein bootable. but i m able to run setup from vista. i still...
  15. Y

    I am getting a "power Callibration error when tryin to write DVD-R or CD-R?

    I am getting a "power Callibration error when tryin to write DVD-R or CD-R my drive is - SONY DVD RW AW-G170A i am using nero 8
  16. S

    LG 18x Super Multi Dual Layer DVD Writer

    Doing this on my Friends Behalf LG 18x Dual Layer DVD Writer For Sale,its 2 Months Old with Bill,has Warranty left ,he Still has the Original Box Model : GSAH44N Pics: Specifications: Write: DVD-R 18X CAV DVD-R DL 10x ZCLV DVD-RW 6x CLV DVD-RAM 6x-12x PCAV DVD+R 18x...
  17. ajayritik

    Which is the best DVD-R media available in India?

    From your personal experience can someone suggest a nice DVD-R. There are many in market like Sony, Moser Baer etc which are more expensive than others. Of late I have purchased Umax DVD-R. Since I'm new to these DVD's I dont know which is the best brand available for this type of media? The...
  18. C

    dvd-r or dvd+r media?

    I bought 10 sony dvd-r discs. Later i found from the net that dvd+r is the best format and it will also last longer. I read stuff like 33% of the data is unprotected in Dvd-r and few other negative things from http://adterrasperaspera.com/blog/2006/10/30/how-to-choose-cddvd-archival-media/ . I...
  19. A

    DVD-R or DVD+R

    I want to know whethear DVD-R is good or DVD+R. Help needed.
  20. shyamno

    DVD writer problem...

    I am facing a quite strange problem with my DVD-RW ...Whenever I write something on a CD-RW..and then try to copy the things on my HDD ..it doesn't copy..sometimes..it gives..some error and some times the time goes on increasing..I have even tried it with my friend's DVD-RW..same problem...
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