1. R

    Amazon prime video downloaded but not playing

    I have downloaded a movie from amazon prime video but its not playing. No video or sound. Scroll bar is moving though. Video codec is- Codec:H264 MPEG4 AVC(part 10)(AVC1) Resolution:1088X482 Display resolution: 1088X464 Frame rate:23.976023 Decoded format:Planar 4:2:0 YUV Tried...
  2. rohitshakti2

    Songs downloaded using Jio not working on other mobiles

    Hi friends I have a Jio sim and I have downloaded many songs using their apk 'jio music' but when I copy those songs to other phones, they are not working, can anyone help how to remove it's protection from Jio apk. 2ndly is there any method to play mobile videos in n ok n wifi tv using...
  3. TheSloth

    Unable to Seed

    Hey I am using Tixati torrent client. ISP is Bangalore ACT. Last week i downloaded stuff of 4GB with normal speed, but seeding was so slow that it took 4days!! 2 days back I downloaded again but now its not even seeding.The seeding is almost nil. Seeing this for past 3-4 days. ratio will...
  4. F

    Can anybody compile a .cpp for me?

    There is a famous OCR soft called Tesseract. In that a small application 'text2image' is very helpful tool. but they are providing direct source code and i don't know how to compile in c or c++.. My problem is i am familiar to and not c and c++. but still i downloaded dev ++ and tried...
  5. IronCruz

    iPhone 16gb or more?

    Hello guys. Im planing to buy my first iPhone. As iPhone SE was launched yesterday, im looking forward to the same phone. But im confused whether to go for 16GB version or 64GB? I have no idea of Application size on IOS. Currently im using Zenfone 5 16GB with 4GB of SD Card. I approximately have...
  6. rohitshakti2

    Can't run video files on PC downloaded from internet

    Hi<br><br>I have downloaded some videos using utorrent but when i tried to play them, they can't be played but when I play them inside the Utorrent, they play without any problem.<br><br>Please tell where the problem is ?<br><br>regards
  7. I

    POP Forgotten Sand Black Screen

    here is my problem with POP:FORGOTTEN SANDS i installed this game few years back in my win7 32 bit pc and worked fine. i have installed this again but now it is not working. first its telling "d3dx9_42.dll" is missing.i downloaded it. then again "xinput1_3.dll" is missing, downloaded it too...
  8. M

    Need a good MP4 to MP3 converter - without a comp toolbar!

    I looked for a MP4 to MP3 converter on various software download sites and downloaded a few of them. But when I install them, each and every one of them has something that comes with it - and mandatory. The ones that I downloaded did not have an option to uncheck the box and install the...
  9. D

    want to download offline android apps

    dear all i want to download android games/apps offline files.. can anyone let me know the latest games/sites which can be downloaded in laptop and then installed in phone(without internet)??? tnx
  10. Cyberghost

    How to backup the downloaded games from PSN on PS4 to DVD?

    Hii I'm planning to buy a Playstation 4. I heard that Games are on PSN store are much cheaper than physical discs.My question is that how can I backup a downloaded game from PS4 hard drive to a DVD and how to restore it(like steam). Is it possible. I have a slow crappy BSNL broadband:cry: . So...
  11. D

    i have downloaded windows 7 ultimate oem retail iso file form our hub but dont know where is the key

    i have downloaded windows 7 ultimate oem retail iso file form our hub but dont know where is the key to activate it. Will it be automatically installed on my pc or i have to find it somewhere else. plz help i am getting UNMOUNTABKLE BOOT ERROR
  12. B

    Ps 4 or ps3

    Hey guys i am in a fix and i want to ask a question i Might be banned for this question so sorry Is it sensible to buy ps3 after ps 4 is going to launch considering it is already hacked?? To play downloaded games Anyone??
  13. A

    torrent speed

    How do i increase my torrent speed? I mean some files are downloaded at 100 kbps while most(about 80 % of them) are downloaded at 10 to 15 kbps.(Downloading one file at a time). Can I get 100 kbps on other files as well? Some of my friends use iptorrent account which gives maximum speed (I don't...
  14. A

    Should i buy KILLING FLOOR?

    The game is available for free play for 1 more day. I installed and i am playing it from 2 hours! It's very fun and addicting! But i dont get good pings in servers but its tolerable! I already have L4d2 but havent downloaded it yet! [13gb lol] Is l4d2 > killing floor? Are they same...
  15. Cyberghost

    BSNL Billing Query

    Hello I changed my plan from BSNL Home Combo 500 to BSNL ULD 950 plan on 5th june 2013. I almost downloaded about 25 GB and still using it. I want to know what will be the plan used for billing this month. Can I charged for the 25 Gb I downloaded after the plan change please help?
  16. shreeux

    How to connect PC Graphics Card to TV ?

    My PC had AMD Radeon HD 6670 Graphics Card output is (vga,hdmi,dvi-i dual link) To my CRT TV input is RCA (yellow(video),white (audio-left) and red (audio-right). I like to watch all downloaded movies (all formats like...avi,mp4,mkv..etc) in TV. Please suggest....
  17. T

    Google Drive FATAL ERROR (Error code 1114)

    This error showed up immediately after I upgraded from Windows 7 Ultimate-x86 to Windows 8 Pro-x86. Have downloaded and installed Python but error persists.
  18. C

    Multiple Bsods. Help plesse"......

    Hi guys, I built a pc last year around this month with the foll. Specs: Processor: amd Athlon x2 260 Mobo: asus m4a88tm ram: Corsair vengeance 4gb ddr3 Psu: corsair vs450 Hdd: wd carviar blue 500gb(very recently bought this) Sata Seagate 40gb (IDE) Seagate external USB drive...
  19. NexGen

    how to set downloaded launcher as default in samsung s duos

    friends, ive bought a samsung s duos for my sister and downloaded adw launcher from app store, but not able to set it as my default home. ive searched all options in settings and other folders, but there is no option to set any other launcher as my hone. please help me in this regards thanks...
  20. R

    'MS 2013 applications training'

    I am downloading 'MS 2013 applications training' from following link, but unable to open. Can any one help me how to open these downloaded file in Windows 8/ MS office 2013 environment ? Training -
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