1. A

    HP Omen Laptop Vs Desktop

    Afternoon ladies & gentlemen, It has been a long time since I have been on these forums and finally I found a reason to come back. Remembering as to how helpful the people on the forum are I decided to seek your advice. I am planning to upgrade my 3 yr old laptop and I am confused between the...
  2. JGuru

    Expert Java Programming Part IV

    Expert Java Programming Part 4: In this tutorial we'll write some cool Java games like BreakOut, PackMan, MineSweeper, ripple effect, Tetris, Scrabblet, CDShelf. 1) Write a Find MacOS Finder File browser like Stacked view ? Ans: You can browse among the albums by clicking on...
  3. S

    cant decide between Ups and Inverter for many reasons.

    Hello folks! So long story short , a couple weeks ago some wires crossed in my building , I guess the neutral and phase wire and caused a voltage of 440v and it caused my mobo and speakers and iPod to fry.the electrician checked the ground and earthing and all was OK .I also know that it...
  4. Ironman

    Mouse Problem - Single Click Leads to Double Click

    My Dragon War Thor Mouse The One i bought Last Year has been giving me this problem lately when i click something , it leads to a double click , Is there any way to Solve it ? 6 Months Warranty is Over a few months back , so no point of calling them.:-(
  5. ithehappy

    I think I need a mouse again! Any Zowie users here?

    Hey guys after my G9 aged out I bought a Roccat Kone Pure (laser) thinking that it won't have the double click issue like the G9 and all, and initially was pretty happy too, but now in the middle of rainy season and due to high humidity the left switch has started double clicking, just like the...
  6. TechnoBOY

    Tutorial: Learn All The Basics Of C++ Language

    C++ Coding??? Dread !!!! Forget it now here is the Complete Antidote!!! This is a basic guide which I have come up with for the people who are looking to go for C++. I have tried to keep it simple so that everyone can understand it. I had been working on this for last couple of weeks. Any...
  7. H

    double move shot

    Have you ever seen this video? *
  8. The Conqueror

    Geometry Problems C++

    I was reading this tutorial Algorithm Tutorials but I couldn't understand this piece of code. (Line-Point distance). Could someone explain this in a simpler way? //Compute the distance from AB to C //if isSegment is true, AB is a segment, not a line. double...
  9. vickybat

    Need help in instantiating Servlet (J2EE)

    Hello fellow tdf members. :) I need some help from JAVA/J2EE developers and learners alike. I'm improving my knowledge on J2EE and trying to make an application using the MVC design pattern. The application is a simple income tax calculator and the MVC has a MODEL class, a VIEW (JSP) and a...
  10. bssunilreddy

    Double Your Internet Speed for Free

    Hai, Guys just look at the Youtube video on how to double your internet speed both DL/UL as well. Double Your Internet Speed for Free - YouTube
  11. R

    Nokia's 'Amber' Update enables FM Radio Functionality To Windows Phone 8

    Nokia Lumia gets update to enable FM radio and double tap to unlock. Here is the report > * Great News. :razz:
  12. A

    Help! Which earphone should I upgrade to from SoundMagic ES 18?

    Hi, I usually watch videos on laptop and listen to songs on mobile. I had Sound Magic ES18 which is broken. I cant find warranty centre for it. Now I am searching for next IEM. Please suggest the best IEM below rs 1000. I dont like much bass. Is the double price of PL21 over es18 justified...
  13. ramakanta


    Please help me , I can't open of e-books having .chm extension . when ever I want to double click on this file , there is no response . :-(
  14. happy17292

    which microSD card is better ?

    : plz delete this Edit: double post. Mods plz delete this
  15. F

    Double XP period announced for Modern Warfare 3 by Infinity Ward

    Double XP period has been announced by Infinity Ward for Modern Warfare 3 that starts from today 23-5-2012 and is scheduled to end on 29-5-2012 that means Tuesday is the last day.
  16. vickybat

    Intel's Knights Corner: 50+ Core 22nm Co-processor

    Yes intel has developed an MIC ( MANY INTEGRATED CORES) which has 50+ cores tailor made for highly parrallelized tasks. Theoretically, it can deliver 1 teraflops of double precision floating point performance. Double precision operations was only possible on workstation gpu's but now intel has...
  17. jkultimate

    Hard disk's price increased by DOUBLE?

    Lil bit bad morning guys..! Hard disks price increased by DOUBLE. I was going to buy 500 GB Seagtte 7200 HDD for my pc. The service man told me that the price increased by double. It was 2200 for 500 GB. Now its approx 4300 guys .! Is there any way of dropping prices? Any one knows??? What's...
  18. S

    xlsx file not opening in excel 2010

    Dear All !! Few days ago I installed office 2010 after uninstallation of office 2003. Every thing was working fine when i was logged on as administrator. But when i logged on as standard domain user I was not able to open .xlsx file on double click while .xls files when opening properly by...
  19. socrates

    Facebook 'profits double' in first half of 2011

    With a bit of mathematical finagling and a touch of guess work, it can be reasonably assumed that Facebook was able to double both income and net income in that time. :D lol Facebook 'profits double' in first half of 2011 | News | TechRadar UK
  20. G

    Ups problem?

    Hello, to all of you. I have a Microtek double battery double backup 800 va is a year old.actually, when i bought this ups on that time, it gives the backup of more than 50 to 60 mintues(monitor off), but, now it gives only the backup of 30 mintues(monitor off), also previously it takes...
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