Intel's Knights Corner: 50+ Core 22nm Co-processor


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Yes intel has developed an MIC ( MANY INTEGRATED CORES) which has 50+ cores tailor made for highly parrallelized tasks.

Theoretically, it can deliver 1 teraflops of double precision floating point performance. Double precision operations was only possible on workstation gpu's but now intel has something new.

It will use pci-e interface to communicate with the system similar to a gpu but won't assist in games. Instead it will be put towards highly parallel applications, such as weather modelling, tomography, proteins folding and advanced materials simulation.

It will use intel's new 3d trigate transistors.

I guess this is intel's first step into gpu industry because it has so much similar features.

Read here to know more:

Intel's Knights Corner: 50+ Core 22nm Co-processor
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