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  1. R

    Strange problem with monitor need suggestion.

    Hi guys, i have a really strange problem with my lg monitor. It dosen't receive any power no led light glows, i took it to the shop its working there without any problem. When i bring it home it works but dosen't work the next day. This has happened twice. The monitor works in the repair shop...
  2. N

    About External hard Disk

    Dear, I confused which brand is best to buy External USB Hard Disk for good performance & Data Backup option.. Price is dosent a matter qualitu & safety matter, so give me the best solution.. Neha Agrawal Varanasi
  3. M

    lost my data....

    i updated my ipod touch software version (4.2) after installation of updates i saw that i lost my all data( videos,photos etc..) how to recover all that??? i tried recovery option but it dosent work ....
  4. Anish

    Slow IE

    HI friends, My win7 OS came pre installed with IE8. It was running fine. But after some days, it became dead slow. It's loading more than 15-20 minutes to load google.com. So i upgraded it to IE9 that too dosent help.. It loaded the msn website at the first start and again gone dead slow...
  5. Anish

    shutdown problem!

    Hi friends, My laptop dosent shutdown:-( I am using windows 7 and when i press shutdown or restart, it dosent work!! but hibernate only works.. thanks..
  6. S

    HDD not detected

    Friends my motherboard is Asus P5Sd2-VM. I Just bought a new hdd WD 1 TB Green Edition. I use windows XP. My bios detects my both the drives but XP dosen't I mean I can't see any additional volume or drive whatsoever. I am crippled to my 250 GB segate drive.
  7. S

    Help me

    Plz prefer some RACING games for me that dosent require a graphics card
  8. Psychosocial

    Happy Birthday to KPowerMania and amit.

    Happy Birthday Kid! :D ------------------------------------------ Ok so tomorrow is my b'day. My family dosent follow the surprise method. I name them a gadget <25k and they buy it for me. Totally confused this time. Please suggest me. No gaming consoles please :).
  9. N

    Reading problem

    Well, one of my friends gave me the DVD of GTA copland and he wrote that disc using the writer of win vista.The problem is that my os is XP SP2 and dosen't read the DVD so, what is the way to run that DVD. and plzzzzzzzz make it fast cuz I have to retrun it
  10. quan chi

    prince of persia:sot.unlockables.please post your suggestions.

    hi friends. well i cant open the prince of persia2 game in the sand of time.i have tried the cheats they have given over the net.but it dosent works.or i might have done it wrongly. i have completed sands of time. i have the pc version. please help.
  11. rameeze

    GTA 3 : Last Request

    Hi friends I want to know how to complete the GTA 3 mission 'last request' whenever i take boat to the blue mark ( pink mark on redar ) it dosent give anything and whenever I press enter it says 'mission faild'. pls help
  12. tango_cash

    Anybody watched the movie sunday??help me

    hi i watched the movie Sunday today. but i did not understand the ending. how does ajay devgan come to know that the killer is m.p khurana's son??? since aisha takia dosen't remember anything.then how did he find out??? waise the movie was kinda good.i think it must have been copied from...
  13. Angad singh

    Problem with portable HD

    Guys i have got a portable HD (120gb- seagtte) it worked really gud and now like 4 months later... There is sum problem with it as i connect my HD to my lappy the drive shows up and goes away and the pc almost hangs... i can click on anything but it dosent open up as soon as i remove my HD...
  14. C

    Retaining formatting in word.

    Hi guys, I'm using office 2007, there is a document in automatic(black) font... and i wish to add notes in red font. Whenever i goto other parts of the document, the automatic font comes back on... and i have to change to red everytime i change places in the document. Help me out. Thanks...
  15. sagar_coolx


    guyz, ive athlon64 3200+, a8n-e. 1 gb ram. 160gb segate hdd... iv installed winxp pro with sp2...n with the autopatcher updates... now my problem is dat, sometime while booting, during the bootscreen, the statusbar "freezes" for some seconds...and when this happens, it takes around 5 complete...
  16. satyamy

    System Startup Problem............

    I have PIII, 256 RAM, 40GB HDD, CD-RW, Realtek LAN, 350W SMPS running WinXP from last 3 years But from some days my systems dosent start properly i mean to say that whenever i start my pc in the morning it hang while booting screen or while winxp screen it even automatically restarts while...
  17. satyamy

    Driver needed for TV Tuner Card

    Their was one TV Tuner Card lying in my Office PC's So i picked it up & bring it to my home Now i inserted in my PC, my prob is i dont have its driver I dont know what exactly it is, it dosent have any name or serial no. or company brand name in it Pls help me to find out the Driver for this...
  18. quan chi

    another godfather problem please see this and post your valuable comments.

    guys please help me. you see in that game godfather my charecter can enter any vehicle but he refuses to get out i mean for getting in the screen says that you have to press the space button.but after getting in i tried many buttons but the charecter dosent get out of the car.
  19. Q

    combo drive problem read some dvd dosen't read others

    i have a lg combo drive 52x 32x 52x 16x HL-DT-ST_RW/DVD_GCC-4522B it set up as secondary master ,secondary slave is a samsung cd rom primary master is seagate hdd it read some dvd but it dosent read some. the sane dvd which it dosent read runs on other dvd drive . some times it dosent...
  20. Maverick340

    Wianmp 5.2 PRO PRoblem

    I am using the latest version on Winamp pro 5.2 I have a problem. Whenver i start winamp the program strats , however its dosent come in the taskbar . If i minimize it once then it comes on the taskbar.I have checked the option to show winamp in taskbar in the general prefrences.This however...
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