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HDD not detected


Right off the assembly line
Friends my motherboard is Asus P5Sd2-VM. I Just bought a new hdd WD 1 TB Green Edition. I use windows XP. My bios detects my both the drives but XP dosen't I mean I can't see any additional volume or drive whatsoever. I am crippled to my 250 GB segate drive.


Cyborg Agent
Can you see the new drive in Windows Disk Management?

If you have a third-party disk management prog like Partition Magic, see if it shows up there.


Broken In
first you ned to make the partition and select the file fomat like FAT32 NTFS and all sfter that only you can see the HDD in "my computer" for doing so:


type "compmgmt.msc"

disk management (it's under stroage)

ther if you can see your HDD

right click on the drive

format it using NTFS and then make partitions and other...

well I hope it's visible there though :)

Cool Buddy

Wise Old Owl
The drive might not be formatted or partitioned, that's why it's not showing up. in start>run type diskmgmt.msc and see if the drive is shown there. If yes, then partition and format it. Create one primary partition and use the rest to create an extended partition. Then create logical drives within the extended partition. You will be asked the size, choose the size wisely as per your requirements as once you have put data on the drive you cannot change the partitions without losing data.
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