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  1. ariftwister

    Don Bradman Cricket 17

    Big Ant announces Don Bradman Cricket 17 Personally I am excited for this Sequel, They did a great job in DBC 14, hopping they do the same with this too.
  2. D

    Needs Playmax controller drivers which came with Don Bradman 14 Limited Edition

    Hi, I need the Playmax Controller Driver which came with the Don Bradman 14 Limited Edition Game. I have lost the CD. Anybody have it?
  3. ashs1

    Gamepad doubt

    Guys.. I recently purchased the Quantam QHMPL QHM7468 USB Vibration Game Pad Remote Joystick ( Quantam QHMPL QHM7468 USB Vibration Game Pad Remote Joystick - Buy Quantam QHMPL QHM7468 USB Vibration Game Pad Remote Joystick Online at Low Price in India - Amazon.in ) from amazon for about Rs...
  4. P

    Don Bradman Cricket

    Guys , what about Don Bradman cricket game? when it will come for PC ? eagerly waiting for it . can only wathch you tube videos... Any updates
  5. D

    Suggest me a dual-sim business smart phone under 20k

    I wanna buy a dual-sim (dual standby and dual active) business smart phone that should have 1.Unlimited contacts 2.Battery that delivers plenty of talk time and standby 3.Fast & Friendly UI My budget is under 25k. My choice is to take HTC Desire V. The thing that makes me feel awkward...
  6. P

    How to install Windows 7 in my Ubuntu laptop?

    Hi friends, Please let me know how do I install Win 7 on Ubuntu...I donno anything about ubuntu and even if Ubuntu is lost i don care..plz guide me urgently.. thanks Priyanka
  7. prabhu.wali

    Grado MS1 vs ATH M35/M50

    fellas,finally narrowed in on MS1 and M35 which one shud i go for and M50 wud be like way over my budget considering i don want them too bulky
  8. hot zubs

    UPS query

    hello friends, My 3 yr old UPS finally gave up after a long long struggle... i was thinkin is it a real necessity for computer to hav a UPS… at my place power goes like at least 5 times a day, so whenever d power goes my computer goes pphuffff… does it really effect d components of d system...
  9. vinyasmusic

    PC upgrade under 15k

    Hi guys .... I wanted to upgrade my pc with new HDD , processor , motherboard and RAM I recently bought a PNY Geforce 9500GT ..... So don need a GFX card .... Can u plz suggest me some choices...!:-?
  10. vinyasmusic

    How to connect a Laptop and a PC:?

    Hi........I wanted to transfer some big files from my PC to Laptop.... I tried connecting both with a LAN cable ... Hasn worked out as yet !!!:idea::?: Don have a pendrive so trying to find out another way out ... Plz help
  11. ubersoldat

    Combo Drive unable to read CD's!

    Hi, I have a LG Combo Drive (HL-DT-ST RQ/DVD GCC-4522B) and it cannot read or write any type CD's. :(:confused::( . I have cleaned the lens and it can read old Digit dvd's and movie dvds without any issues. So the problem lies only with CD's! :( . Can anyone pls tell me whats the cause for this...
  12. D

    mobile ghum gaya.. naya dilao yaaro!

    i did some research n i hav narrowed it down to: nokia 5310/5610 or SE w890.. however i don kno the cost of 890 yet or whether its been launched here or not.. wat do u guys think? also, which one is better in terms of sound quality?? coz tht is my primary motive.. w890i camera has no AF or...
  13. codename_romeo

    CHanging default language in Win XP

    I installed a fresh copy of windows xp on my PC. But the problem is i selected some chinese language as my default language. So can anyone tell me how do i change this to my usual english????? Please reply promptly as i don wantu tolerate this language ne longer n i don wantu format again I...
  14. DukeNukem

    How To cache RPM Packages While Installing

    Hi there to all of You, Does any one know how to keep RPM Packages which are installed with "rpm -ivh XXXX.rpm", so that if i format my PC, (Which i do once or twice in a week (don ask why or if iam a j@#$a@@) ) i can install then without Connecting to the Net This Will Be a great help to Me
  15. A

    k750i for sale

    hi guys i wanna sell my k750i with 512 mb card + the ear plug+ charger.... it's 1 month old.. it has got few scrathes on the glass.. only in bangalore.. i wanted money urgently as i'm gonna buy 790i.. sorry i don have any other phone to post the snaps.. price expected- 5.5k one more...
  16. sourishzzz1234

    3G n edge

    see am not a phone freak and so is unaware of 3G n EDGE capabilities. though i know 3G is for 3rd generation connectivity i don know it's capabilities.. and edge i don know what it does.. i have no idea.... Actually i wana to buy a phone within 8K but could not understand which to choose K750i...
  17. Dark Star

    Panel panorama..

    Hey all How o change the Main Menu button .. Like some theme provide .png icon for main menu I did not download as I don 't know where to paste them :9 Help me plz :D
  18. skghosh44

    Digit DON movie DVD

    DON movie DVD is not play in WMP 10. In MP Classic in K-LITE it play without sound. What is the problem. skg
  19. mayanks_098

    installng sabayon aftr xp vista

    hey guys. ........ how ru? nw dat im done wth my xams(phew).,im all game to install sabayon. im gonna format my 160gb,wipe out evrythng.make 1 partition of 80gb each 4 win.rest 80gb will b unpartitioned n will partition it @ d time of installng sab. in d one 4 windows,ill make 4 partitions...
  20. mayanks_098

    a cool new(cyber) place to hang out....

    guyz i hv two/three gud thngs to share wth u ppl. d 1st one being "SECOND LIFE" dis is a all new thng guyz.some of u might b usng it so its for those who don kno it. its a online community wch is 3d in wch u can hv ur slf as a avatar.u can hang out wth ppl.go places,,play games wth...
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