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  1. Zangetsu

    [Economy] : Zimbabwe's new exchange rate: $1 for 35,000,000,000,000,000 local dollars

    Zimbabweans will start exchanging 'quadrillions' of local dollars for a few US dollars next week, as President Robert Mugabe's government discards its virtually worthless national currency At the height of Zimbabwe's economic crisis in 2008, Zimbabweans had to carry plastic bags bulging with...
  2. funkysourav

    "Professionally" Microwaved Samsung Galaxy S4 on sale for $5400 only

    Came across this weird listing on ebay.com Professionally Microwaved Samsung Galaxy S4 Latest Model Sign Dated by Artist 887276988139 | eBay Some guy just microwaved his brand new Samsung Galaxy S4 and is now selling it for 5300 Dollars for use as a work of art ! At first i thought...
  3. rhitwick

    Now, new Apple app that would turn 'every stranger into ATM'

    Yep, they filed a patent too. Source Apple, desperately trying to hold on to their monopoly. And, this would succeed only in places like USA, Singapore (which are proven Apple homeground)But, then again $16 charge per $100 is high IMO. What do you say?
  4. teejay_geekEd

    Suggest Headphones within 40$

    Guys, I'm looking for headphones within 40$ (will buy it from US and get it here through my friend) Prefer an emphasis on bass while not losing out on vocals and soundstage. I prefer a portable set. 1. Panasonic RP -HTF 600 -Got great reviews and for its price of 30 dollars, it seems to be a...
  5. socrates

    HP eyes webOS sale for 'hundreds of millions of dollars'

    HP eyes webOS sale for 'hundreds of millions of dollars' | News | TechRadar
  6. deathwish

    Google In Trouble

    Oracle has apparently filed a lawsuit against Google for "the wilful fragmentation of the Java code" that could run upto a billion dollars in damages. Uh oh! :blink: Go through this link to read more.
  7. D

    Paypal dollars

    Hya, I want to buy paypal dollars or i should say you need to pay vendor for me. i want to buy a book who accepts paypal only. I can transfer money to your bank account or what so ever. I need $50. you can pm me your phone numbe . then we can talk . Thanks a lot)
  8. C

    i can't figure it out!

    i can't figure it out whether these two threads are fake or what? http://www.thinkdigit.com/forum/showthread.php?t=128054 and http://www.thinkdigit.com/forum/showthread.php?t=128055 it claims to sell ipad and nokia n900 at 300$ dollars each. i find it hard to believe. can anyone help me find...
  9. NucleusKore

    I know that times are hard..............

    But this is unbelievable a town in texas for SALE for less than a million dollars ! See for yourself and visit the website mentioned on the billboard too ! http://ibnlive.in.com/news/recession-hit-texan-town-up-for-sale-for-1-mn/85668-2.html
  10. User Name

    Kogan Agora is the world's second Android-based smartphone

    he Australian manufacturer Kogan announced today the Kogan Agora and the Kogan Agora Pro based on the Android OS. The duo will start shipping in two months. Both handhelds pack 2.5-inch TFT touchscreens, QWERTY keyboards, and 3G support in a neat Blackberry-esque package. A month ago the...
  11. T

    Zimbabwe to issue 100m dollar note!!!!!!!!!!!

    Zimbabwe has issued three new denominations of banknotes, including a one-hundred-million-dollar note, as the impoverished country struggles to cope with runaway inflation, state media reported on Wednesday. The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) said the release of the new notes followed a...
  12. H

    Google.com for sale... if it was!

    If google.com was on for sale how much would you bid it for? I say i would buy it for a million dollars ! :D :D :D :D :D
  13. gauravsuneja

    I Predict The Iphone 3g Rate In India

    I Predict The Iphone 3g Rate In India To Be 11980 Rs .i Think It Will Be The Locked Rate With The Carrier And If It Has To Be Unlocked It Will Be More According To The Other Rates Of Apple Products If U Multiply The Rates In Dollars On The Apple Site Any Product Rate In Dollars Multiplied By...
  14. S

    adsense woes

    We have one site related to indian content with moderate vistor but when i was logging into the site the adsense of this was like this 169 16 10.56% $0.24 $0.04 16 clicks and 0.04 dollars... how can this happen... we have blocked around 15 sites now...still...no progress...
  15. Pat

    Zimbabwe inflation soars to 2.2million%

    Zimbabwe's official rate of annual inflation has hit 2.2m%, the country's central bank said today – a 13-fold increase on the last official rate, in February. "Statistics provided by the CSO [Zimbabwe's central statistical office] indicate that [inflation] is now at 2.2m%," the AFP news agency...
  16. iinfi

    paid antivirus

    i m gona go for a paid antivirus for my home use. kaspersky is a good option. i want to know how i can make the payment. its website gives me the price in Dollars. sud i be making the payment in dollars or is there an india specific site? thanks
  17. bikdel

    whats the best buy for 100 USD?

    guys this is my system.... what should i upgrade for 100 dollars? Intel Celeron D 2.4 Ghd, 533 Mhz FSB, 256 KB L2 1 GB DDR 400 160 GB SATA II HDD working on SATA I MOBO Nvidia Geforce FX 5200 128 MB for 100 dollars, what could be the best addon? i don wanna change the core( the core meaning...
  18. ╬Switch╬

    Paypal currency conversion.

    I have a few dollars in my Paypal account, but now as the dollar is falling compared to the rupee, I'm afraid of loosing a lot when I eventually convert it to rupees. So is there any way that I can convert the Dollars to any other stable currency like Euro or Pound? If yes then is there...
  19. Anindya

    Mukesh Ambani becomes world's richest Indian

    NEW DELHI: Reliance Industries chairman Mukesh Ambani has overtaken NRI steel tycoon Lakshmi Mittal to become the richest Indian in the world, thanks to the unprecedented boom in the domestic stock market. Ambani's net worth has soared past 50 billion dollars, making him the first Indian and...
  20. S

    how to buy 100 dollars laptop

    i have heard lots of 100 dollars loptop... i have also heard that some people have got it as complimetary or test samples or even bought one... so how can i buy that 100 dollars loptop.. what is the eligibility or procedure.. any way we can use... just to see how it looks and feel..and...
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