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  1. K

    Help me with this please- this has become a real challenge to me now

    i want to scan my old book and save it in pdf format. But i am getting an output file like as if i have taken a photo with my camera i.e, when i open the output file in pdf reader, the document is in the center with all the white screen around it. Usually the entire screen should be filled with...
  2. josin

    Room size Vs Tonnage requirement data Sheet

    This is a document from sharp.
  3. abhijeet.ak

    Suggestion for Printer

    Friends, Can you please suggest a good printer. I am open for Home / SOHO MFP's as well. However, I already have a fujitsu scansnap scanner. My basic requirement would be printing a couple of photos and general document printing. Although, the printer has to wireless enabled, Budget - No...
  4. windchimes

    Any Interactive Document Viewer ( like issuu.com)

    Hi guys, Is there any document viewer which can be purchased and allows existing power point presentations, charts and reports to be viewed on a website in a really interactive manner like in the site issuu.com [ flipping page, sharing option, zooming options, other rich interactive...
  5. club_pranay

    Document Tracking

    I am looking for ways to track word or pdf documents that I own. Purpose: To track and have a log of users who open the .docx or .pdf files i own. For example, you are sending a sensitive document to a business partner and you want to know the time and location whenever it is accessed. I have...
  6. curioustechy

    Formattting in word 2010

    I have a big document running down to several hundred pages. I want to select text of a particular font from the document and mark strikethrough. how to do that
  7. prds359

    Office 2010 "word" document recovery

    I created a document using ms office 2010 & locked it by a password. For some technical issue offc 2010 isn't working anymore & i'm also unable to reinstall it (even formated the whole os), tried every possible way but failed. The document has important passwords saved in it. Can anyone pls...
  8. curioustechy

    pdf search

    I've scanned a document and as my scanner is having provision to save directly as a pdf file, I did that. But later on when I searched a word in that document, though its there it didn't turn up. One of my colleague told that you have to convert the scanned pdf files to OMR format. What is that...
  9. navraj

    MFP with ability to Scan Legal sized document

    I need a MFP which can scan/print Legal sized document (216x356 cm). Since the flatbed scanners for this size are very expensive, so a model with Flatbed along with an ADF should work for me. Fax is not a requirement but no harm i bundled. My budget is around 15k. Can somebody help me in this...
  10. P

    How to make PDF Copy protected.

    Friends, Can anyone tell me how to make PDF Copy protected ? I did lots of Google search but no perfect method found. Requirement is Simple. MS Word document is saved as PDF. Document is saved as PDF at 100 % in MS word but it opens at 130% in Adobe PDF. - How to make it open at 100 %...
  11. vickybat

    AMD restructures cpu lineup

    Guys, there will be no sempron, athlon , phenom anymore. This is what amd has planned. Click here. AMD is nuking the current processor brands and splitting its entire CPU portfolio into three classes.
  12. M

    Document Management

    The Document Management includes Web access to support occasional users and work from remote sites as well as a secure document storage area and it also includes search and retrieval, versioning, and content caching.
  13. ajayritik

    Need to edit a document. What is the best way to do it?

    I have one document which needs to be edited (Hard Copy). What would be the best way to have it edited. Should I have it scanned and then take the PDF that comes out of it as source and then using some PDF editing software to edit the document. I think will have to go for some OCR Software...
  14. S

    Best multimedia phone at 15k needed

    Hi, I want to get a multimedia phone(music and taking photos). My budget is 15k but I am willing to stretch to 18k if the features are compelling... Here is the summary of research I have done so far... Most Important Features: 1. Battery life - Very good battery life is very important...
  15. Gigacore

    Share your documents online easily with ZohoViewer

    Many times you might come across a situation where you may have to share your documents online with your friends, website visitors or in an forum. Sending the document via email might work for only those who are on your contacts, but will not help when you want to share it with the rest of...
  16. saurabhpatel

    Budget Office centric phone??

    My elder sister needs a phone with good screen, connectivity, and office document capabilities. Currently I'm looking at Nokia 5230 and E63. I would like some clarifications like: - How difficult would it be to use the touch qwerty (if it works within the quickoffice app) for document...
  17. r4gs

    Scanning and OCR

    I have a HP 2488 printer/scanner. I have a whole pile of magazines which I want to scan and convert to pdf. I want a software that will scan the document, extract the text and images and write to another format, say pdf, with the same page and text formatting, image placement, etc. The...
  18. N

    Suggest a Good Scanner

    Hello Friends, I would like to purchase a scanner which can scan colour as well as black and white Documents and books , I cam across one company- the name is Plustek, it claims it is in Document imaging business since last 20 years, i would also like to scan books, is the company reliable...
  19. A

    Print word document from command line

    How to print word document from command line without opening the document. Like in case of pdf file this command will work . AcroRd32.exe /t "C:\test.pdf" . It prints the pdf file without opening to default printer, but same logic don't work in case of word docs. anybody have an idea. I Don't...
  20. K

    Encryption problem

    Hello Sir, I am serving in the Indian Army and a regular follower of your magzine especially the Tech Q & A.Thought that your tech experts could solve this MAJ problem related to encryption. Actually i had encrypted some of my very important documents in one of the folders, on my desktop. but...
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