1. LegendKiller

    Best internet dongle for NCR

    I recently bought a new laptop for both my work and home purpose and i want to buy a internet dongle. I live in Ghaziabad and my office in CP New Delhi I was not happy with my tata docomo dongle as it's speed was poor. Please tell the cost and best connection speed.
  2. swatkats

    Tata Docomo New Pan India 50Mbps Plans Make Some Sense for Internet Addicts

    Was checking Tata docomo broadband plans and i suddenly Stumbled up on this. There are two excellent FTTH lightning plans, Suited for Fanatics who are wishing to Spend over 3k for Fastest Internet Speeds on Par with ISP's like Beam. 50mbps with 200Gb FUP and 1mbps POST FUP speeds for...
  3. ax3 is it down

    hi, cannot download files from ... if i try with https, after countdown nothing showsup just blank pg ... does it happen with u ??? am using tata docomo as isp ... else how do i download from this site ??? thanx
  4. ax3

    Tata Docomo users

    hi, got this tata docomo 3g connection with 4gb plan ... & 2 my fright used up 4gb in just 8 days ... now speed is just 5-6 kBps (sucks) ... they want me 2 buy new mb pack to increase speed ... any1 using tata docomo ???
  5. RON28

    Tata Docomo giving 3G speeds in 2G packs for 7 days

    Hello today i got this message from Tata docomo, getting 3G speeds from today morning
  6. shreymittal

    Tata Docomo [BB]

    Hey Guys, anybody using Tata Docomo BB here. If using please tell me about the service. How is your experience and all. I.m thinking to get 2Mbps UL plan @1999/-
  7. cutemug

    Help needed - DOCOMO sim not working with Nokia Asha 210

    Hi, Had purchased a Nokia Asha 210 Dual sim phone five days ago from a local dealer in my city, The problem is when I insert my TATA DOCOMO sim in it, it shows "Registration Failed" :aaargh: Whereas the TATA DOCOMO sim works perfectly fine in other phones, Also my IDEA sim works...
  8. D

    MNP From DoCoMo to iDEA

    Hello All, :-) I am porting to idea from docomo, reasons are - poor coverage & frequent gprs disconnection. I have given documents to idea office yesterday, how much time will it take generally ? Is Idea good ? thanks.
  9. nginx

    3G coverage in Chennai?

    I am moving to Chennai within a couple of weeks because I got my job posting there. I want to purchase a dongle or 3G SIM with data card before leaving. Please recommend the telecom provider with the best 3G coverage in Chennai (near Velachery). BSNL, Airtel, Docomo, Aircel, Vodafone or some...
  10. bestpain

    I am not able to understand docomo

    I AM NOT ABLE TO UNDERSTAND DOCOMO AD.. one of their add was "wind in my hair" facebook post ....and latest add is that docomo theme is played in background and the actors seem to fear something......... bahut gussa aata hai dekh kar....
  11. avtar2008

    free docomo 3g in haryana(not a spam)

    tata docomo is giving all free 3g internet in haryana and punjab (and may be in other states also). I (and all my friend) were getting 3g speed on all 2g packs since last week. All need to be done is recharge from only (recharge from other sites like and dealers is...
  12. harshilsharma63

    [Complaint] Docomo not processing mnp

    Hi, I opted to port out of docomo to vodafone for which I bought the sim on 17 jan. The shopkeeper submitted the docs on 19 jan and get a confirmation message from docomo on 22 jan. But even till today, my number is not ported. I tried chat support with docomo but they said they cannot provide...
  13. D

    docomo dongle on Aircel sim ?

    Has anybody tried using an aircel sim in an unlocked docomo device. Docomo and Aircel have some kind of sharing and a docomo sim is always able to see Aircel network when searched for. Thinking to change to aircel as they have cheaper plans.. I have Huawei e177 device.
  14. C

    Docomo Cutting Balances

    Docomo has disappointed me..!!! cutting balances.. and activating unnecessay services..!!! Does anybody knows the Customer Care number in which I can directly talk to the person?? I have tried many customer care no.. but all useless.. automated.. press 1 .. press 2 .. blah blah..!!
  15. omega44-xt

    Doubts regarding DOCOMO

    I'm going to visit 3 states (Kerala, Karnataka & Tamil Nadu). I'm planning to buy a 3G DOCOMO sim from Kerala. Is DOCOMO a good network provider ? My doubts are: - I heard that there are no roaming charges in DOCOMO. Is it true ? Any Terms n Conditions ? - If i put an internet pack & sms...
  16. quicky008

    Weird problem with Lava a10 phone-help needed.

    I have been using a lava a10 handset for the last couple of months,although its quite a run of the mill device,it has worked satisfactorily so far.Recently i inserted a docomo sim card in the 2nd slot within the phone(there was a uninor sim in the first slot) and tried to use it in dual sim...
  17. Sarath

    Docomo Rs.500 recharge screwup. Read before recharging for this amount.

    If you recharge for Rs.500 for Docomo from any third-party website then you will be recharged for this pack that gives you 500MB 3G data usage + 1000mins of local/STD calls. The problem was faced by one other person as given below; I spoke at length to their CC but to no avail. He simply...
  18. socrates

    Tata Indicom is now Tata Docomo
  19. S

    Docomo users help.

    Hi all, bought new docomo sim but couldn't get the internet settings on my galaxy s, I'm on 2.5 gb plan but couldn't use due to lack of settings.please help.
  20. s18000rpm

    TATA DOCOMO 3G Data card USERS

    All the TATA DOCOMO 3G DATA CARD/ e-stick users post your "tata" experiences here. I'm in Bangalore, & have been using it since April 2011. Had a "okay" experience till it worked, had connection drop problems every day, but it was okay, atleast it compensated with 3mbps speed. but now...
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