1. G

    DMC Alternative

    I like to play hack n slash and action games and enjoyed DMC very much. Is there any other games also with stunning graphics and blood and gore PC game ? Thanks.
  2. anuragsinghh

    DMC 3 vs DmC

    hey guys so today I finished my first devil many cry game I.e DmC and it was really really mind blowing :D I know that according to every dmc fan the best game of series is dmc 3 and I have watched its gameplay videos and cutscenes and it was cool but nothing too good so my question is that...
  3. P

    (Urgent )Planning to buy panasonic DMC fz150.

    Hi guys i have decided my mind on buying feature rich panasonic DMC fz150 . However i would like to know best shop to buy it from . Flipcart is selling it at whopping 24500 and a local dealer is giving it @23499.00.(Both giving same free goodies) . I prefer COD or face to face dealing...
  4. Zangetsu

    Ninja Blade

    The Story is about Ken okagawa & takes place in 2015. The protagonist a modern-ninja.though in ninja groups there are other ninjas which looks exactly like Ryu-Hayabusa (Ninja Gaiden).But the Ken outfit separates him on looks from Ryu.... Story:I have played only 1st mission & I think the...

    DmC: Devil May Cry discussion

    Guys I don't remember when I was played DMC 4 But its feel like ages. I am very curious about the next part and I hope you guys want to pump your adrenaline again. I start digging Google bhai and got few things to share with you for discussion. According to the rumour the Game Informer stating...
  6. gameranand

    Suggest me Hack n Slash games.

    Hey friends I love this genre. Please suggest me games belonging to this category. I have played 1. POP series 2. DMC 3 & 4 3. Darksiders 4.X-Men Origins Wolvorine I loved all of them so please suggest me games like these games.
  7. Ethan_Hunt


    Never heard of this title? Don't be amazed, I didn't either. I happened to check out this title while looking at the upcoming releases for this month. I have no clue what the storyline is this game about, so please don't bother. All I know is that this is a hack-en-slash (or action-adventure)...
  8. codename_romeo

    DMC 4 Demo

    hey guys checked out the new demo DMC 4 from n it was f*cking awesome.......... graphics were just fantastic n everything was cool........ anyone who is interested can try it out.....the setup is 1.25gb
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