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DMC 3 vs DmC


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hey guys so today I finished my first devil many cry game I.e DmC and it was really really mind blowing :D
I know that according to every dmc fan the best game of series is dmc 3 and I have watched its gameplay videos and cutscenes and it was cool but nothing too good so my question is that and I hope to get some detailed and informative answers bcoz I really wanna get into dmc series so here they are

dmc 3's dante vs DmC's dante
dmc 3's vergil vs DmC's vergil
dante vs vergil in dmc 3 vs their fight in DmC
boss fights vs boss fights
weapons vs weapons
story vs story
and last but not the least
dmc 3 vs DmC
my vote will goto DmC :)


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You can't judge by solely watching cutscenes.

Completing every mission in DMC3 seemed to give a sense of accomplishment.

DmC(5), in comparison seems like a pushover and boss fights in dmc3 were actual "BOSS" fights instead of the "get away by dodging and attack the overly conspicuous weak spot" kind of bossfights.

But then again, its just my opinion. You may have liked DmC for some other valid reason but IMO DMC3 >> DMC4 >=DMC(5)


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ya it wasn't that difficult I completed many missions with a sss ranking lol so should i get dmc 3 and is it really difficult and what about backstory?


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can anyone tell me if I'll have any problem understanding the story of previous games if I play dmc 3 straightaway.


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dmc3 vergil >>>> DmC vergil. But after the conclusion of the DLC Vergil's Awakening, DmC vergil has a chance of eventually becoming dmc3 vergil.


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^u will play DMC 3 in PC??

DMC 3 is the best in series...gameplay is excellent but it is the most toughest in the series...combos are hardcore.
graphics in PC didn't looked good but still u will enjoy this super-fast paced game...

also watch the DMC anime episodes (12 only) to get more info on Dante


so its demons are really tough to beat or its level design or puzzles are really hard ?

demons, boss battles, all are tough to beat and epic, the opening scene itself was badass and i died 4-5 times there (it was my first DMC then.. :p) best in the series for me.. :-D


so its demons are really tough to beat or its level design or puzzles are really hard ?

That's not it, its just that the learning curve is pretty steep. The first time you do the first (mini) boss battle you'll die multiple times, but after a few levels you'll be fighting that boss as if it were a normal enemy. It's not the game that has powered you up, its that you've developed skill. Freakishly satisfying
I really missed the badass attitude of dante and that super cool attitude of vergil. I think this Dmc game is awesome.But it would have been better if they didn't name this game as devil may cry.
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