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DMC Alternative

Gourav Kundu

I like to play hack n slash and action games and enjoyed DMC very much. Is there any other games also with stunning graphics and blood and gore PC game ? Thanks.


Augmented Nerd
Get Devil May Cry 4 and 3(3 should be rather cheap). There's also Prototype, X-Men Origins:Wolverine(waaay better than the movie), Prince of Persia-Sands of Time/Two Thrones, Diablo 2, MGS:Revengeance(will be soon available on PC). Note that some of them are action RPGs, but great games nonetheless.


Wise Old Owl
i played it, i will give it more points than latest dmc in overall gameplay experience, i'm a hardcore dmc fan and completed unusual number of levels dante must die in dmc3 with keyboard, even then i am recommending deadpool one run.

Gourav Kundu

Thank You everybody.I am really very much impressed after playing DMC 4(completed) and Darksiders 2 ( Could not complete it as I was stuck in a level). Same thing happened with Prototype ( stuck at one level where we need to collect genes ). I wish MGR Revengeance would come to pc soon. Also I have heard a lot of X-men origins. Thanks again everybody for all the suggestions :)
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