1. Cyberghost

    EA may have a new distributor for India very soon

    Word around game distribution and retail circles in India is that Milestone Interactive – which has been EA’s India distributor for years – has fallen out of favour with the publisher. We’ve also heard that EA has been speaking with other distributors in India for months and a decision on...
  2. The Incinerator

    [Views] Terrible Transcend

    I have been running pillar to post to buy the Transcend Storejet 35U3 and just couldnt find any at any store across Kolkata. I tried all the well knowns at GC Avenue but nobody has it and their so called Distributor never returns any favourable answer to the calls made by dealers.So I finally...
  3. M

    NVIDIA Holiday Bundle

    DO we in India get the NVIDIA holiday bundle of all 3 games when we purchase the qualifying card from anywhere ie online, distributor, dealer etc?
  4. The Sorcerer

    Discussion: Asus' new distributor: Redington

    I got a press mail from Asus India with the following message: Cheers!
  5. N

    Need to buy Creative Zen Xfi with wireless lan

    hello friends, I need to purchase Zen Xfi with wireless lan media player, but unable to find any retailer, distributor in mumbai to purchase the same. Pls help me out with the dealer selling creative products or give the address of distributor in mumbai. Thanks
  6. Ricky

    Identify genuine battery for acer lappy

    Hi.. As I am going for new acer lappy .. 4530 .. most probably it will be available tomorrow or day after tomorrow.. but there is one glitch.. I first went to Acer Distributor of my Area.. after lots of negotiations he ended up Rs. 31300 well.. not satisfied.. I check various other vendors...
  7. saqib_khan

    Who is the national distributor of dell?

    Hi, By referring this, i mean to say who is the distributor like rashi, neoteric,etc of dell? I googled but can't find? If u know also say me abt the foll company's distributor: Palit,POV, Sparkle,etc
  8. T


    hi friends, iam interested to use linux so pls suggest me which distributor linux s best... my system config: 256ram(191mb) 80gb amd processor pls tell me which distributor version will work on dis config n also give download link if...
  9. confused

    Will the Official Intel India distributor, please stand up??

    as the title suggests, i want to know who the official Intel India distributor is? (preferably in mumbai). please mention contact details. i tried searching already, but this page, has outdated contacts. please help me out if you can.
  10. ramsingh

    buy from distributor??

    is it safe 2 buy from distributor?? like tirupati enterprises??
  11. T

    is there an apple i pod distributor there in kolkata??

    is there an apple i pod distributor there in kolkata?? if yes where???
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