1. Anorion

    [GOT Rewatch] Night Gathers, and now my watch begins

    GOT rewatch! to prepare for season six. This is the timetable for watching the episodes. We are going to go carefully over the entire series, episode by episode. We watch 2 episodes every day of the week, round up, catch up and discuss seasons on weekends. Please don't go on a marathon...
  2. snap

    Random Discussion Thread

    DO not post queries/posts related to anything that has a dedicated section in TDF DO not post random pics/memes. Random pics should go http://www.digit.in/forum/cafe-games/148080-all-phail-epic-lol-pics-here-nsfw-content-will-lead-bans.html Thread can be moved to the cavern section by mods...
  3. quan chi

    Discussion about films (mainly indian).

    Discussion about film industry (mainly indian). Like the title says from acting to direction everything matters here. You can discuss about the best actors, directors, musicians, scrip writers, stories etc related to the film industry. Here you don't name a film and review it in two lines...
  4. braindead

    Meizu discussion thread

    To discuss anything related to Meizu since i couldn't find anything elsewhere here. Service centers here Snapdeal Promotions (thanks to Zangetsu Current issues: Google play games not installing (error 505) Did a logcat and there is a conflict with another google app regarding the...
  5. bssunilreddy

    The Windows 10 Discussion Thread

    My 1st Windows 10 Activation
  6. Desmond

    RPG Discussion

    There are people who have the attention span of a catfish, who are more than satisfied with the latest Call Of Duty or Grand Theft Auto. However, for the rest of us with deep insight and those who live in another plane of existence, this will not do. We need to absorb and imbibe the lore...
  7. A

    Micromax Yu Yuphoria Discussion Thread

    Micromax YU Yuphoria Finally got the phone an hour ago(2nd June). As I'm at office couldn't test it fully. Complete Review - After using the phone for 4 days I would not recommend this phone for others. Cons- Screen doesn't wake up immediately when we get calls, it take 4-5secs to wake up...
  8. Desmond

    Net Neutrality Discussion

    What is Net Neutrality and why is it important to all of us? A: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fpbOEoRrHyU Just like Comcast, Airtel is planning on violating Net Neutrality by introducing Airtel Zero. A service wherein end users would be able to access services by Airtel partners free...
  9. harshilsharma63

    General automobile discussion thread

    Seems like TDF doesn't have a general thread for automobile discussion, so here we go. Lets start by posting about your favourite car and why d you like it. Mine is Pagani Zonda R. I love it because it's so pure, every part made just for race, no BS. The voice is just so superb and Pagani...
  10. P

    HALO 5 Guardians Watch channel

    All right don't delete this ppst its no other waste spam .Microsoft announced the game yesterday I am out for now but this is just a discussion updates thread for the game. I will update asap. MEANWHILE do a Google search for halo 5 guardians. :)
  11. P

    Halo XBOX One Discussion Channel

    MODERATORS please help change the name of the thread to HALO 5 guardians discussion channel MAJOR UPDATE HALO 5 GUARDIANS ANNOUNCED, HERE is the first poster,
  12. a_medico

    Any good indian auto forum?

    Hello guys, Are you aware of any good forum dedicated to discussion on indian cars/bikes?
  13. Zangetsu

    You Consider Cost or Satisfaction

    Lets discuss this also added poll :wink: Discussion is simple "You consider cost or Satisfaction while spending money"
  14. A


    Hello everyone, Hope you all are fine.My name is Albert and i am new here in this community.I have some issues that i want to share and discussed in this community.Hope have a nice discussion with all of you.
  15. L

    Blacklight retribution players discussion

    Hi This is a discussion thread only for blacklight retribution players
  16. Flash

    Which one portrays more violent - MOVIES or GAMES ?

    Me and my friend was having this discussion this morning. He stood for Movies, whereas i voted for Games. Like to see a similar discussion from TDFers here :mrgreen:
  17. sahil1033

    2G/3G users from all over India

    This is a thread for discussion regarding 2G/3G connections for users from all over India. We can discussion on anything regarding 2G/3G connection, let it be, speed, problem in connection, APN, plans, loopholes etc. Feel free to post your opinion/problem here and the posts should be like...
  18. sumit_anand

    CES 2013: A quick update on the major launches

    Hey, I came across a nice article on engadget about the major launches at the CES 2013 by all the brands so just thought of sharing it with you so that we can have a nice discussion about all the major launches. Here comes the URL CES 2013: HDTV and connected devices roundup
  19. B

    Switch & Router Configuration Discussion

    I currently work for a company that plans to redesign their office networking. I have some experience in setting up VLANs, RSTP, etc. But, for complicated setups, I feel a bit lost and do not know how to do. I would like to find forums or discussion boards that specifically have interactions in...
  20. C

    ThinkDigit Reloaded 2012, requesting feedback on the new website

    The new Thinkdigit website went live last night. Please share your feedback, apart from the discussion thread which has already been opened.
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