1. mikael_schiffer

    Vietnam made Galaxy S4 i9500 Deep Black, really worth it @18,000 ??

    Firstly, i would like to hear from actual S4 users or people who personally know S4 users Secondly, are there proper custom ROMs like CM11/12 on this phone. Working fully 100% no crash no fail Thirdly, is there any phone which can compare to it in camera department, under Rs20k . I see...
  2. ashstud_83

    Limewire problem

    i have been facing this problem since the past 1 week...:confused: i was using limewire to download stuff and the speeds were always in the 107kbps-120kbps range...Since 3-4 days the speed has come down to 2-3kbps without any kind of intimation or problem from the PC..i was using the default...
  3. AquaWolf

    Disabling Thermal Cutout

    Does anyone know how to disable the automatic thermal cutout?
  4. bhutanesedude

    Need Help For Add Free Hosting

    guys, I have come to know that in free webhostings, we can disable the add....but as such I did not find any add disabling tutorial for Sitebugr, so any one has an idea how to disable the add in siteburg.com..please do let me know...Thanks
  5. Ricky

    What are these settings in Huawei modems

    I wonder wht these settings are meant for .. ? I know most of the settings in but have never touched these EC mode or FDM mode and BitSwap enabling or disabling
  6. R

    Help for recovering Rar password

    i had downloaded a rar file but now it asks for a password and the site did not give one plz help for disabling or extracting the password or the file without the password.
  7. V

    network neighbouhood

    how can i remove my pc from workgroup without disabling network connection
  8. s18000rpm

    Disabling selected Windows Services

    I want to know whether, disabling a Windows service under a User Account is a SYSTEM Wide Change or just for that particular User Account. If change is for the user account, then i want to know which Windows Service's are safe to disable. I'll create a separate user acc. just for GAMING...
  9. R

    DOS Command Disabling

    Can certain DOS commands be disabled for a user or a particular group of users on a XP / win2000 OS ? Remember.....I didn't ask to disable the Command Prompt.. Just disabling some commands is all I need !
  10. anandk

    Make your WinXP still safer ! Plug these holes !

    apart from the usual measures like : install SP2. install all updates from autopatcher or the microsoft site; turn on winxp firewall and pop-up blocker; install a good antivirus like avast or avg; install 2 good anti-spywares like ms anti-spy and adaware; etc; u can also disable addl...
  11. himtuna

    512 mb ram 2.2 GHz P4 but still very slow

    my laptop is prone to toooo many bugs and viruses problems 1) client sevice for netware disabling windows log in screen 2)something called printhood disabling stand by 3)ihave moved the viruses to virus chest but don't know what to do next(Iam using avast ) 4)system take to much time to...
  12. D

    Help in Core3

    hi guys again in prob My config of system is P4 2.8 512kb cache ASUS P4P800-VM mob i hv two HDD seagate & samsung 80 gb 7200 RPM i hv win 2000& winXP installed now when ever i try to install any of linux distro it giver this all things go right then Disabling IRQ #10 try to do...
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