Disabling selected Windows Services

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I want to know whether, disabling a Windows service under a User Account is a SYSTEM Wide Change or just for that particular User Account.

If change is for the user account, then i want to know which Windows Service's are safe to disable.

I'll create a separate user acc. just for GAMING. so i wont be using any thing related to network/internet. i'll disable All start-up prgms. like AntiVirus, FireWall via "msconfig".

Also i dont use the Agere Modem in my PC, it occupies a PCI slot. does this modem takes up any resource.

NOTE= I've attached a notepad file which contains all the Process's running in my PC.

My PC config-
HP Pavilion,
Softwares== XP Home SP2 (up-to-date), AVG Free, Windows Defender, ZoneAlarm Pro, SpyBot.
HardWares== M/B-Intel 915G, Gfx-Intel GMA900(onboard),512MB RAM.


Disabling services is a system wide change - you cannot have a user account that will have only some services and others that call many services AFAIK... What you can do is use a batch file to stop services that you dont need... Check out *www.pcworld.com/downloads/file/fid,23852-order,1-page,1-c,alldownloads/description.html for one such batch file... It is also discussed at *www.pcworld.com/article/id,117409-page,3/article.html so you can stop the services before playing games and start them again after it ends... Also check out *www.tweakhound.com/xp/xptweaks/supertweaks6.htm (link provided in earlier linked page) for detailed list of services that can be turned off...



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u can use 'hardware profiles' if u want. the services u enable/disable affect only that hardware profile.


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Disable uneccessary XP services ! gain resources !
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