1. linardni

    Help me to configure BB Modem

    I use Siemens ADSL modem with BSNL BB connection. Some times back the dial-up connection got problematic someway. I managed to bring the connection to working condition tweaking settings in the website After that I could connect by double clicking the Internet...
  2. H

    Broadband Dialup Connection hangs/freezes

    Hi everyone, I use Lynksys AM300 modem/router to connect to internet through USB cable, I use Bridged Mode Only setting in modem, and connect to internet from dial-up PPPoE connection that I made through Network and Sharing center. My ISP is BSNL. Since I upgraded to windows 7 some times...
  3. H

    Dial-Up Server thru Cellphone

    How do I establish a dial-up server :confused: (running Win XP Pro SP3) using a mobile phone (N72) with a BSNL GPRS connection ? I want users to dial-in using their cellphones or laptops connected through cellphones. Please help & advise in some detail....
  4. int86

    Free dial-up in Bihar and Jharkhand

    Ya, BSNL is giving free dial-up access in Bihar and for two months in Jharkhand. For Bihar user id is your number with std code and password is bsnl10 . And no paper-works. For further information 1500 can be dialed with a Bsnl landline.
  5. 7mm

    How To Connect 2 PCs With Dial-Up...?

    Hi there, I'd like to connect 2 PCs using ONLY Dial-Up connection. Please don't suggest Broadband / Any other Internet method, not avalable to everyone here. The only way my group can connect our PCs, is Dial-Up networking. I've done that using Windows 98 SE, some 6 years back. But now I don't...
  6. B

    setup data one-help plz....

    As everyone have bsnl data one, plz help me to configure it using UTstarcom ADSL2+ ? I am in a hurry because till now, i have been using dial-up.......
  7. DigitDonz

    Is Google Adsense Smart?

    :D All Broadband ISP's provide a static IP address to their client where as each of the dial-up users don't have a static IP address na - When we sign up for Google Adsense, google scans our IP address - In case of a dial-up users each time he/she connects to internet he gets a new IP, so can...
  8. B

    The difference

    I want 2 know the difference between netone dial-up and tata indicom dial-up 100hrs package...................... The charge of nETONE is 6rs per hr and is it competely free for tataindicom 100hrs package when registered?
  9. User Name

    Is Netone free?

    Is netone dial-up connection is free?
  10. Shasanka_Gogoi

    Slow connection speed's on Dial-up! Please Help........

    I connect to the internet using a dial-up connection. Recently I reinstalled Windows XP on my PC and since then my modem connects at only 24.0 kbps or even less, before it was 48 kbps or 50 kbps. I am using the same drivers as before on my motorolla modem. Thinking it to be a hardware problem I...
  11. B


    I want to use my mobile's GPRS on computer. What number should I dial in dial-up connection ? or how should I use mobile's gprs on computer ?
  12. Garbage

    Dial-up on Mandriva Linux 2007 FREE

    Hi ! I've just installed Mandriva Linux 2007 FREE on my computer. I'm a newbie in Linux. I want to configure my Dial-up connection by Modem. I have D-Link's modem with Linux Drivers. Please can anyone give me the "detailed" procedure to configure ? Please.....
  13. anvesh

    How to setup bluetooth DUN dial-up

    I don't have BSNL or Reliance connection. I have activated mobile-office in airtel (bluetooth dial-up connection) and by this I m able to surf net on windows. I've tried to setup this in mandriva2006 but i couldn't. I was only able to send file from pc 2 mobile. So how can i setup internet on...
  14. H

    Slow dial-up connection

    My dial-up internet connection used to be at 46 or 47 kbps, but after I reinstalled windows it connects at 36 or 37 kbps only. My phoneline, modem and its driver and the windows version is the same. What could have been the problem? Please help.
  15. Stalker

    no dial-up in fedora core 5

    hi guys, i'm a newbie to linux just installed Fedora Core 5 today..... Can any1 tell me how to setup a dial-up connection?? I use BSNL cli based connection & i have a internal 56K dial-up modem. Is it true that internal modems are unsupported in linux??:confused:
  16. reddick

    Which is the best : Dial-up OR Mobile Office?

    My PC runs on WinXP Pro.I surf via dial-up conn. of SATYAM.But now whenever i try to connect,i gt this error message - "Error : 678.The remote computer did not respond." I call CustomerCare but they also r helpless :cry: Somebody please tell me how to solve this? Secondly,i'm planning to have...
  17. R

    Bsnl download rate

    Does anyone know the rate per 1mb for bsnl's cli dial-up internet?
  18. dreams

    Dial-Up Problem..

    Hi all.. I have BSNL Dial-Up connection and now i encounter a new bizarre proble. Nowadays after i get connected to the net it takes 5 minutes to go online. i.e., eventhough internet gets connected i am able to go online only after 5 minutes. I dont know why this issue happened and...
  19. speedyguy

    Which games possible for dial-up?

    since i dun hv a broadband connection n neither im gonna get one since i dun stay at my home much as im studyin outside...so wat games can i play wit dial-up or wireless (gprs-airtel) connection...i mean new games comparatively cheers
  20. S

    Retreving my Lost Dial-Up password

    I use BSNL BROADBAND and so i am not able to acess www.bitme.org. I used to use this site on my dial-up connection, now i forgot my dialup password but it's saved in the connection settings. I use Win Xp. But i want to check my account status at my isp page, can anyone suggest a software...
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