1. anandk

    ReadyBoost For Windows XP.

    You can upgrade the performance of your PC without upgrading its components. Get ReadyBoost-like technology in Windows XP. Overcome ReadyBoost limitations and use up to four inexpensive flash devices to speed up your system. Add more speed to your PC without upgrading! If you could improve the...
  2. ajayritik

    What is the purpose of Card Reader?

    Normally we have Memory cards that we use predominantly in Digital cameras and Cell phones. So when we connect these devices to PC, they will be recognized. Why then do we require a separate Card Reader when the Cards are being recognized when they are inserted in the required devices.
  3. praka123

    Linux device driver project needs more unsupported devices to work on!

    Oct. 24, 2007 Desktop Linux needs drivers. Right? Of course. So why is Novell's Greg Kroah-Hartman, a Linux kernel developer and head of the Linux Driver Project, having to ask people to tell him about devices that need drivers? It's a good question, and Kroah-Hartman doesn't...
  4. CadCrazy

    Firefox Is Going Mobile

    The developer team behind Firefox has announced plans to bring a mobile version of the technology to the market in 2008. "People ask us all the time about what Mozilla's going to do about the mobile web, and I'm very excited to announce that we plan to rock it," Mike Schroepfer, a Mozilla...
  5. b_man

    What kind of devices can a USB Hub be safely used with?

    I have 3 USB ports on my laptop and are just not enough for the other gadgets that i have, so i got a i-ball USB 2.0 4-port HUB. Some of my gadgets include stuff like Pen Drive MP3 player USB to PS2 adaptor which i presume can be safelly used. I also have an All-in-one Printer that connects...
  6. R

    laptop usb2.0 not working as per the rated speed.

    Dont know what happened but seems that during last few windows update the USB2.0 ports had issues & are not working optimally on XP1+ updated SP2. 2 ports don't connect the devices or give errors, other 2 ports working but very slow data transfer, surely not usb 2.0 speeds. I am thinking to...
  7. iMav

    HP's Vision 2012

    1. notebook-ui This is a featherweight laptop that's razor thin, too. We're not too crazy about those virtual keys, but maybe voice recognition will be good enough to make an awkward keyboard an irrelevance by the year 2012. 2. media-mat-open Look like the napkin in the 5 Star Hotels but...
  8. V

    Effect of Humidity on PC Components ?

    Many electronic devices have humidity specifications, for example, 5 to 95%. In a high humidity environment, condensation is prevalent which can have a negative impact on electronic devices. In a low humidity environment, electrostatic discharge occurs more readily, which also has a negative...
  9. S

    USB Ports Not Working After Win Xp Sp2 Installation

    Ever since I updated Win Xp to SP2 my USB devices are not working in Win. All other devices - sound card, graphic card, modem are okay. I tested the USB mouse and pen drive on other m/cs..they work fine. Also they work in DOS mode on my machine but stop functioning in Windows. I installed the...
  10. Third Eye

    Linux Kernel 2.6.21 Released

    After two and a half months from the last release, Linus Torvalds has just announced today the final and stable release of the Linux kernel, version 2.6.21. The biggest change in 2.6.21 is all the timer changes to support a tickless system...
  11. iMav

    Microsoft Patent Reveals Future Multi-Component Gaming System

    Microsoft's next game machine may be multi-faceted with console and handheld interdependence A filing to the U.S. Patent Office may reveal what Microsoft has planned for its gaming platform after Xbox 360. The patent describes a multi-component gaming system that incorporates both handheld...
  12. rajat22

    Adobe Flash Player

    Homepage - Size: 1.10 MB Direct Installation from Adobe
  13. alsiladka

    Do We Need Anti Virus for Symbian OS 9 Devices?

    As i had even maintained in one other thread, the new OS is really secure and you can be sure that Viruses wont harm. Signing is really a nice addition to the Symbian Scenario. Source
  14. subratabera

    An excellent collection of live CDs

    Are you searching for a live cd which contains some specific functionalty. Then your search might end here.... This website contains a huge list of live CDs sorted according to various functionalities...Check it out. Who knows you might find something interesting... As an example you can find...
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