1. LegendKiller

    The big question : S5 or Z2 or M8?

    I always wanted to buy a flagship phone and this time around i have saved enough for it. The problem is that this time there is no 1 clear winner. I would like to buy the z2 but with the reports of it over-heating and construction issues, i am having second thoughts....There are youtube reviews...

    Whole network goes down when my laptop is connected to the network

    hey all. Im having a problem.I upgraded my router o a netgear n600. Everything is working fine,now when i connect my laptop to the network ,Internet for the whole network is down. ie no one can access the internet with any other device in the network.and when i disconnect my laptop from the...
  3. H

    Driver For Enter GPV-10 required (windows 7)....

    Bought this gamepad from flipkart...installed the drivers given in mini cd.....but when i connect my gamepad the windows is unable to recognise the device....can anyone help me download thw drivers compatible with windows 7 for this gamepad !!!
  4. M

    Sony xperia M

    Hi guys, need some input about xperia M .. as i'm planning to buy this one. anyone using this phone please tell about +ve and -ve of this device.. is it worth buying? - - - Updated - - - and how is Moto E ?
  5. I

    Battery/Charging Queries

    Hello everyone. :wave: I aim to discuss my queries related to batteries, within this thread. Thus, refraining from cluttering the forum. :blush: For a portable electronic device, is it absolutely compulsory to use an OEM battery, matching the exact model number, which initially came with the...
  6. A

    Wanna GET the best..?

    Case of a middle-class person: if is dreaming of a particular gadget. if he is looking to buy a best tool available in a category right there then getting to that would be a mission. once he got that, things will be quite fair and life in slow motion. the time will come when he will stabbed when...
  7. ratul

    Giveaway: Free Cerberus Lifetime Licenses

    Source: Cerberus celebrates 3rd birthday with free licenses I think it's a steal, best android app to locate your device if stolen.. :doublethumb:
  8. Chetan1991

    Which DSL modem to buy?

    I'm getting a broadband connection from BSNL, and they mentioned they don't sell ADSL modems anymore. My query regarding buying a new modem is: modem + (wifi) router OR modem with wifi, and which models? I am also thinking of setting it up as a torrent download machine (will be doing...
  9. A

    what apps are you running on your moto G ? Is any of them a must have ?

    i was just wondering what apps are really necessary to improve / monitor the functioning of this device. and which apps are you definitely going to recommend to fellow users ?
  10. I

    Help - Alternative to Desktop Unit

    Hello Friends, I have seen in BSNL offices and in some Banks, a small unit in place of our normal Desktop CPU Unit, which is connected to peripherals like Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse. They were using it just like an independent computer and this unit was obviously connected over LAN. The...
  11. vijju6091

    How to take screen shot in xolo Q 1000 opus

    Guys as the title suggest please let me know. device is not rooted
  12. Desmond

    FBI Drags Google Glass Man From Theater on Piracy Fears

    Source : FBI Drags Google Glass Man From Theater on Piracy Fears | TorrentFreak
  13. T

    Minimum Hardware Requirements for Video Calling

    Hello, I am looking for a mobile device that is capable of streaming high quality video calls using Skype, Hangout etc. In this post I focus on only one aspect - The Hardware Requirement. Please let me know the Minimum Hardware Requirements for a mobile device (smartphone, tablet) to be able...
  14. A

    Windows cannot access the specified device path or file error

    I an having Win 7 premium with Office 2007. Recently, I started facing a problem in opening .txt, .docx and .pptx file and their applications (i.e. Notepad, MS Word and Powerpoint). Other MS office applications are working very well. No virus infection, using avast. My son might have installed /...
  15. Ricky

    Bluetooth services not available after paring devices

    Hi, I have samsung lappy with broadcom BCM2070 bluetooth device. I have downloaded driver from samsung site for that particular laptop, issue is that I can pair devices but there are no service available for any device. I have used bluetooth in my other laptops but this one I never found any...
  16. quagmire

    Gionee Elife E7 mini with true octa-core MediaTek processor launched in India for Rs 18,999

    Gionee Elife E7 Mini hands on
  17. A

    Buying advice on mobile router

    Hi guys I have a Tata Photon+ Huawei ECS156 usb dongle. I require an info on compatible mobile wifi router that I can use with it. It should be able to connect to my laptop and mobile device.
  18. Mr.Kickass

    [Awesome News] Nokia's low-cost 'smartphone for India' leaked

    (Source) Frankly I never liked a Lumia nor an Asha before but this is such a bang-for-the-buck. Hell, it even bangs all others when it comes to pricing :D
  19. T

    Nexus(2012) 7 not turning on upon first time

    Received Nexus 7 2012 from flipkart today. Its on power since almost 3 hours but still not turning on when pressing power button. Not even battery is displayed which indicates device is charging. Very dim lines appear when power button is pressed which break and disappear within a second. Device...
  20. A

    Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)

    I am facing a problem since last few days where windows device manager shows "Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)" for my Nvidia GeForce 8400M GS graphics card on an HP Pavilion dv6000....I am unable to play any games or movies....have attached the...
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