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  1. K

    Advice !!

    I am very much interested in Mobile App Developing. The thing is I don't know much about app developing. Can anybody tell me where shall I begin? Help me out please.
  2. A

    Windows Phone 8/8.1 app developing

    Hi Guys So ,I was looking forward to developing an app for WP 8/8.1 and asked a few friends about how I should start .They suggested me to use the Windows Phone App Studio but it was less independent .Can Visual Studio help?And does it require Windows 8 desktop version to run?Also suggest...
  3. P

    Help with windows phone application development

    Can any one help me with my codes, i am having problem developing a windows phone 7.1 application.:-(
  4. X

    Lumia 820 or htc 8s?

    Its that time of the year... I am confused again. I almost made my mind on the HTC 8S. But then, I saw numerous people complain about the low memory. Also, the 512 MB RAM could b a potential problem in a long run, as games have already started developing for ONLY 1GB..So the HTC is already...
  5. B

    Job opportunity for age 30 , no industrial experience

    hello, Trying to summarise it in short. I have an engineering degree of Electronics and telecom. and later have done MBA in marketing.Not to mention not from any reputed colleges. I want to get a job either in web designing or web development. I have learnt web developing and designing my...
  6. satyadeep

    android programming!!!

    friends, I am asking for android development program, that is helpful in developing android apps and which useful for android development beginners, thank you!
  7. TheLetterD

    Hobbies for the Summer

    I wanna do something constructive this summer. I just passed +1. And +1 non med was NOT GOOD AT ALL. The only thing I did last year was sit at home watch television. The Result? 1. Low Grades 2. Crap Social Life 3. Gained weight 4. Achieved nothing at all. Ive decided I would study hard...
  8. TheLetterD

    Developing for a 13 Year Old.

    Hello My younger brother is 13 years old. We bought him a PSP years ago, all he keeps on Doing is looking up Youtube Vid.s , customizing the software adding mods and stuff, for eg. he got a Mod to use PSP as a PC Remote. Nowadays he keeps looking for GTA San Andreas Mods cuz thats the only...
  9. Blitz_krieg

    Google maps - Blackberry App

    Can we use google maps api in developing blacberry applications ?
  10. vickybat

    After Crysis: Crytek Working on New FPS Franchise?

    Crysis 2 didn't receive the accolades from gamers all round the world due to a substandard plot and flimsy game mechanics. But the game engine i.e cryengine 3 has lived upto its name and the guys at crytek know that it has far more capabilities. Therefore they are developing a brand new ip in...
  11. echoplxx

    Preview + Feedback [July 2011]

    100+ tips and tricks to tweak your life A compendium of secret hacks that'll enhance all aspects of your digital life! In the cover story you'll learn about tweaks for the Professional, Mobile warrior, Power user, Web fanatics and much more... Fast Track to developing apps on Chrome web...
  12. C

    Need help regarding web development

    I have to make a login page for some purpose.I am confused whether I should javascript for it or php . As i know none of the languages very well except some very basic syntax can someone plz help regarding how should i go about developing the webpage and give me the code or atleast the basic...
  13. virus_killer

    My India is developing, but..?

    Guys, As we all know that our nation is developing. but what do you think guys that how many years we will take to compare our country with other developed countries? and what you guys think that what our youth should do to make it happen very soon? I would like to share a short story...
  14. P

    game developing courses!!!

    hey, buddies... can you tell me some institutes that offer game developing courses...in maharashtra... which institutes offer best game developing courses!!!... can u tell me a bit about gaming???... i wanna become a game developer... what shoud i learn!!!... can you tell me the names (author)...
  15. A

    now comedy of the day

    by now many of you might have known this, shiv sena developing a software to partly block orkut:D :D :D
  16. A

    what should i do......?

    plz tell me what should i do after learning HTML . what is the next step for proceeding towards developing web sites designing i have learned HTML now what should i learn
  17. desertwind

    Kerala's Draft IT Policy - Great for FLOSS

    These are the key points in the Kerala Draft IT Policy. Establishment of an International Centre for Free Software and Computing for Development, ITES Training Centre (in Kochi) The Government will expand Technopark in Thiruvananthapuram and Infopark in Kochi on its own accord and in...
  18. shakshy

    India is Developing

    Its not a political agenda nor a manifesto. Is India really developing?? If its so why my modem hears the engaged song of my phone, why is it taking me ages to get a broadband connection, why are those ponds growing on my town road, why is my electricity uncle playing hide and seek with us...
  19. R

    difficulty in selection of softwares for development

    hi i have project of developing accounting/inventory/payroll system for small company. I have the choice of selecting softwares. Presently they r using windows xp,(few pirated ones). Users r ready to switch to free linux version. I am thinking of going for MYSQL and PHP, but my problem is...
  20. Arun the Gr8

    free tutorials for game developing.

    please tell me any website which contains free tutorials for game developing. reply at <rite2aarun@yahoo.com> :roll:
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