1. A

    Skill(s) you wish to develop

    If you could acquire any skill, what would you choose?
  2. P

    Developing Geolocation based app

    I read on the past devworx> edition about Geo-location based application and I was thinking about exploring the area and do my BTech final project on it, but I have only the basic idea and know nothing about its requirements (coding background), will I be able to develop something as its...
  3. S

    Courses after ASP.Net

    Hi guys, Currently i m pursuing course. I had knowledge of C#.Net and C. Please suggest some course, I should do after completing I like to develop database related windows and web application. Thanks.
  4. vickybat

    PlayStation 4 to Cost Less to Develop than PlayStation 3

    PlayStation 4 to Cost Less to Develop than PlayStation 3 Its going in the right direction imo. :)
  5. N

    Calling Andriod Army!

    Hi guys, I know digit forum has a big army of Android, and I need help from you guys. Android already has 80k plus apps etc but I think there might be something which you want in your android phones that needs to develop or still not available. So, I need creative ideas or suggestions...
  6. M 3 tier architecture help

    Hi, I have learned recently and I wonder how to create 3 tier architecture in I have asked few persons they told me that I need to add a project inside another project to develop different layers...please help me to understand and develop the project in 3 tier architecture.
  7. A

    desktop effects

    Hello, I want to develop an application which gives effects to desktop. Say its like i want to develop a clone of compiz on windows. I dont want every feature, but i cant understand where to start. I am leaning towards directx and c++ for the 3d effects. I the first feature i am going to...
  8. red_devil

    forum down yet again :(

    jeez .... couldn't access the forum for a long time today....possibly from around 8pm...finally glad to see it back up...almost started to develop withdrawal symptoms because of the downtime :-P
  9. P

    I want to develop torrent client app for mobile phone using j2me

    i want to develop java mobile application torrent client to download torrent files in mobile phone itself can anybody give me idea how to do that and what are the books that will help me to do this project
  10. A

    Selling Good PR 2 Domain

    Selling Good PR 2 Domain . Pm me for the domain name U can park the domain or cna develop it into big site
  11. toofan

    Suggest some games similar too???

    Hello friends. I am fan of Age of Empire III. I have played all the expansion of it also. But my pyass abhi nahi bhuzhi. Can you suggest some good games similar to that theory. Built develop and attack. And what you think about such games? I will love to play them. Vimal Joshi
  12. P

    want to develop a education website

    to develop which to use php or python and i want best tutorial for that any sample design please provide me
  13. Pragadheesh

    to develop a linux softeware using Qt..

    hi, i'm trying to develop a software for linux which 'll display the hardware details of the system, processes that are running and how to optimize the system, softwares installed and how to manage the softwares etc... thinking of developing it using Qt.. but 'm new to Qt.. so can u people...
  14. ilugd

    need feedback on this design.

    I really suck at design and so figured on getting some advice on the layout of my personal website which I am trying to develop. the picture below is just a mockup
  15. pritish_kul2

    Need Help To Develop Site

    I AM A BEGINNER IN THIS < I WANT TO DEVELOP A SITE CALLED but don't know how to? u guyas have ny ideas and to brighten the site up?
  16. B

    Develop crack

    Can anyone pleas tell me how to develop a crack?
  17. ruturaj3

    Any one knows Game Development ?

    Hi guys, last week i watch the trailer of GTA IV & one idea comes in my mind... Is it possible for us to develop a game ? Title of my Game is : GTA MUMBAI then i just starts dreaming, the V.T. station, Gateway of india and many popular places... So am asking forum members can we all...
  18. s18000rpm

    NASA Will Develop a Video Game

    "NASA-the guys who fly to Mars and stuff- will, apparently, develop a video game of their own. And they will do this at your expense, to be more exact, they will take money out of your taxes. According to, NASA's Learning Technologies Office got some money to develop a...
  19. R

    if U are given a job of Game development

    if U are given a job of Game development then what kind of game u want to develop? what I want to develop is that basically I like historical plots . So I want to develop prince type of games like u have mainly bow-arrow-sword again there will be multiple genre inside it like it will be a 3rd...
  20. softhunterdevil

    ;,_.-" G=A=M=E D3V3L0PM3N+ "-._,;

    Hi Everyone, I know this section is for GamerZ...those who like to play games But my post is a little different.. I am calling for all those who have ever tried to Develop a game :shock: On their own :shock: with any software such as flash, game maker factory, game maker, 3d game maker...
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