1. rohitshubham

    Wifi Issues on my tab/router

    Hey, i bought a BSNL Penta IS703C two months back. the problem is that i have a D-Link Dir 600 router at my home by my tablet doesn't detect it. It detects every other wireless signal present, that of my neighbors,public places etc. but not my router's signal. And every other gadget in the house...
  2. sameerwni

    Reliance 3G Modem Boot up Problem

    I bought Reliance 3G modem few days back Which is actually the Huawei E173 hardwired.It works fine but the problem occurs during system boot up as my PC gets stuck when the modem is detected.As Obvious it detects HDD first then other connected peripherals, when it searches for USB devices...
  3. G

    DVD writer doesn't detect some CD's

    Hi friends, I am using LG dvd writter since 2 years. Since 1 month, it doesnt detect original CD's like antivirus CD's, CD's from magzines, motherboard CD etc., but it detects the CD's written on it or other writer:-x Dont know what is the problem. I tried to clean it...
  4. P

    RAM Problem

    Hi! I hav P4 2.4gz, intel 845gvad2 mother board,earlier i had 384 MB of ram one of 256Mb and another of 128Mb. and now i hav installed a new RAM of 512MB instead of my 128MB ram keeping 256 MB along. But my Motherboard detects only 512Mb of ram and not that of 256 mb, although both RAm are...
  5. Manshahia

    disabling USB ports..

    is there any way i can disable the ports in windows XP so that whenever a USb device is plugged the system doesnt detects it..?
  6. Angad singh


    Guys i am currently using Avast antivirus i am really happy with but having one problem is that there is some kind of virus which comes again and again thru external devices such as pen drives and HD... and my antivirus dosent detects it.. which antivirus should i use
  7. official

    Problem in Lenevo Laptop

    Frens I have Lenevo 776122Q Y500 Series Laptop.I brought it about Six months ago.The Problem now with this laptop is this that It doesnt detects the Combo drive in it many times.only fewer times it detects and than works well. Please suggest me what to do??? I am Living in Siliguri,West...
  8. Z

    Win32 Services Error

    Hi, An error window keeps poping up with this error "Generic Host Process for Win32 Serives", what could be wrong and how can I repair this. Hardware : P4 HT, 512MB Ram, 160GB HDD. OS: XP Sp2. Also ZoneAlarm detects files in C: corrupt and needs a Chkdsk which happens very often (almost...

    USB memory devices are not showing in my computer

    whenever I plug any of my card reader or pen drive in USB,it doesn't show up in my computer,however it completely detects and installs the device when I plugin,it is also shown in disk management,how can I resolve this. plz help me experts..
  10. B

    My Norton 2007 detects MSN Chatsniffer spyware in Digit DVD & CD

    Dear friends , My Norton 2007 detects MSN Chatsniffer spyware in Digit DVD & CD in every month. Let me know what you say about it.
  11. A

    installing redhat 9.0 in SATA says no harddisk

    if iam installing redhat 9.0 in SATA hardisk and it says no hardidsk at the time of partition, what to do but in BIOS it detects the SATA harddisk, what to do
  12. R

    sony ericsson k310i help req

    how is the data cable installation done for this mobile ? i just cant get it right. i installed the pc suite that came along with it. but it doesn't detect the phone even though the phone detects that its connected to the computer. can someone plz help me...
  13. R

    intex ethernet card question

    Friends, I have a compaq pc with windowsxp sp2,recently i needed to add an external networkcard, the vendor had given an Intex ethernet card for Rs 200/- and said it works properly in all systems, it came with drivers on floppy but on starting windows detects a ethernetcard but refuses to...
  14. nishant_nms

    Alcohol 120% doesn't detects combo

    I am using Alcohol 120% The problem is that it doesn't detects my Samsung SM-352F combo drive. Plz help me. I when installed the software this combo was not present but after getting the combo i reinstalled it once again but it still doesn't detects it. I also tried the option to...
  15. P

    Help me plz.

    Hi! I m running Win XP Pro, Zone Alarm and Mcafee enterprise edition. Whenever I connect to internet my virus scanner detects a virus type bo:stack . Plz. help me i did a google seacrh and foud nothing. Thx!
  16. anandk

    does maxthon have spyware - II

    i use maxthon. earlier in march, i had posted a thread stating that spysweeper detects maxthon as having effectivebrands toolbar. * subsequently updating both of them did not show maxthon sa having spyware. now PEST...
  17. Maverick340

    What does my RAM Tell me...

    I bout a Hynix 512 MB DDR SDRAM....It had PC2700 stuck on it ...The bios hovewer detects 266MHz as the memory speed.... I am confused ...which one is correct...? :!:
  18. D

    Cant see External HDD

    Just got a Transcend 80GB and plugged it into the USB 2.0 port. XP detects it but i cant see the device in My Computer. What should i do? Thanks in advance. :D
  19. D

    Bluetooth problems

    I just purchased a bluetooth dongle , make widcomm. My system has detected and i have installed the software provided in the cd as well. My nokia 6600 detects the computer as well but whenever it tries to connect it gives me an error message saying headset profile not supported by your computer...
  20. S

    Formattig Blues

    I want to format my C Drive which has Windows XP installed in it.It reads the XP Bootable Cd when I run it simply but if I try to boot using the bootable CD it never detects itb (have changed the bios settings -all booting devices to CD)
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