1. sygeek


    KVvXv1Z6EY8 Site Steam store Demo Price: ₹ 565 Personal opinion: BUY IT! It's an amazing game! I literally got hooked the moment I started playing it. Now usually I play new games for couple of minutes and then put them in my backlog, and then start playing Dota2 again. Not this game...
  2. Vyom

    CryENGINE Baron Haussmann Tech Demo Using New Global Illumination SVOTI Solution

    It's amazing that I couldn't find a thread regarding, "Gaming engines" that I saw just a while ago. So creating a new thread. When I find it, I will move this thread there. Here goes the article: Source: CryENGINE Baron Haussmann Tech Demo...
  3. warfreak

    [Google I/O] Unreal Engine 4 "Rivalry" Demo on Tegra K1 WOW! There was another splendid tech demo running on Nexus 5 shared previously but this is simply PC/Console class!
  4. sam_738844

    Lets leave some marks on the bench with UE4

    Calling TDF techies, Lets get this super-awesome tech demo from Epic about their ground-breaking and stunning new visual Engine UE4 and experience colossal graphic prowess in our own PC rather than watching it in compromising you-tube uploads. We'd best use the built in FPS counter to bench...
  5. HE-MAN

    Castlevania Lords Of Shadow 2 demo first impressions

    downloaded the demo at 1.16gb installed and played it and still playing. the main problem of 1st game was fixed camera which is not the case with these game, keyboard controls are very well placed by default although the game recommends a gamepad. in game option also includes the option to...
  6. ranjitsd

    NVIDIA TEGRA K1 Tablet Serious Sam 3 Gaming Demo

    serious sam running on the TAB
  7. I

    Help: How to play Fifa 14 on old laptop!

    I have a old(?) dell inspiron 15. I want play only 2 games - Fifa 14 and Counter Strike. CS works smoothly and Fifa 13 is playable. I don't want to play any other games, no other heavy gfx stuff. Only routine - internet, ebooks, videos etc. All these is handled very well by my laptop even...
  8. W

    need help regarding the digit dvd demo game MOTOGP2013

    motogp 2013 demo that comes with the DVD of august issue of digit, but it is in the .csm and .csd formate and i don't know hoe to install it on windows please somebody guide me the way by which i can install it and play it.thanks in advance.
  9. Desmond

    New Cryengine Tech Demo

    Just when I was starting to believe that Cryengine 3 had no **** on the new Unreal engine, they come up with this. Is this awesome or what!?
  10. Desmond

    The Droolmaal Thread

    Hi all, This thread is dedicated to all those stuff that we would kill for, drool over and have wet dreams of. But, then we cannot imagine to have those in real life without having to give away an arm, a leg and possibly a kidney. So, here goes, a showcase of all the best (and hideously...
  11. amitava82

    Free metro 2033

    THQ Demo - FREE Download | Facebook It's not a Demo as the title says. GoGoGo! Activates on Steam.
  12. V

    Demo piece check?

    How to enter the service menu of 32HX 750 to see the usage hours. Also what are the other ways to check that the t.v i bought is a new one not a demo unit...though i bought it from a sony center listed on sony india's site. Is buying from a sony center not enough? :confused: Sent from my HTC...
  13. P

    Want to buy Mixer with kneadermay be bajaj food processor-FX-11

    Hi Guys, I want to buy bajaj food processor-FX-11 and my main aim is to use its ATTA kneader capacity. I asked for demo but no shop gives demo for this they say "pahle kharido phir demo denge", is it actually work or not ? thanks
  14. A

    Fifa 13 demo product key ????

    i want fifa 13 Demo product key asap !!!!! if any1 noe it plz reply urgently.....
  15. vamsi_krishna

    The Darkness II discussion

    The Darkness II is a sequel to the 2007 First Person Shooter The Darkness. I haven't played the original Darkness. But, I am eagerly waiting for the game's release. A demo has been released for PC couple of days ago on Steam. And I happened to play it few minutes ago. First off, the demo was...
  16. bubusam13

    Nokia Kinetic device demo

    I found it today on Youtube. If its a duplicate thread then delete it. But I like this technology.
  17. ico

    A small demo of GNOME 3 Shell

  18. B

    Android 4.0 Face Unlock Defeated With A Picture

    At Google’s Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) launch event, the new Face Unlock feature was called ‘beta’, and it turns out with good reason. At a recent Samsung demo event, one reviewer had the chance to play with the Galaxy Nexus and test out the Face Unlock feature. After setting up the device to...
  19. mithun_mrg

    Play Anno 2070 demo

    Anno 2070 demo arrives, play the first two missions | PC Gamer
  20. mithun_mrg

    Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine

    has anyone downloaded & played the demo on steam
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