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The Darkness II is a sequel to the 2007 First Person Shooter The Darkness. I haven't played the original Darkness. But, I am eagerly waiting for the game's release. A demo has been released for PC couple of days ago on Steam. And I happened to play it few minutes ago.

First off, the demo was of 1.2GB. It had ~10-15mins of gameplay. Excluding the cut scenes. Gameplay overall was very good. Especially pulling the hearts out of dead bodies and eating them to regenerate health felt bad ass.

Audio visual presentation was stellar. Game looked great and frames were smooth and consistent.

But, to get hands on the full game. Guess I should wait until February, 7.


Yesterday saw advertisement on gamespot. I though it RPG:p
so it is like F.E.A.R. , horror fps?


I was going to pre-order it but than thought I had no idea of the first one so am better off without it..I hate it when publishers do like this...
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