1. H

    Dell Community: Laptop General Hardware Forum: Dell Studio 1555 : Shuts down/Power Off Automatically

    I know there are threads relating to same problem, but none of those give a solution to my problem. I have 15" Dell Studio 1555, from past few months, my laptop suddenly gets switched off without any error. I am able to power it on immediately after the shut down. Shut down means it just gets...
  2. ankush28

    suggested PC configuration 2013-Q2

    Suggested PC configurations Basic low budget multimedia/ office rig : 20k Intel pentium G2010 @ 3.2k Gigabyte GA-H61m-D2H @ 2.8k Corsair Value Select 1600 MHz 4 GB @ 1.8k Antec BP300 @ 1.7k iBall/Zebronics cabinet w/o PSU @ 0.7k WD Blue 500 GB @ 3k Asus DRW 24B3ST DVD R/W @ 1k...
  3. K

    14" inch Budget friendly laptop

    Hi All, I have shortlisted 3 laptops within my budget. a) Lenovo Ideapad S405 - 30K b) Dell Inspiron 14 (3421) - 37K (Dell Inspiron 14 Laptop - Value laptops from Dell) c) Samsung NP535U4C-S02IN - 41K CPU Performance-wise, i think Dell is the winner because it has i5-3337U...
  4. K

    Which One Is Better Dell 7520 Se OR Dell 5521 ??

    Which One Is Better Dell 5521 i7-3517U / 8 / 1TB / 2GB R8730 Vs Dell 15R SE 7520 i5-3210M / 6 / 1TB / Radeon7730 / W8 Both Are the same price But what is the best One In Performance , Material , And Battery Thanx :)
  5. A

    Getting confuse about Dell Inspiron 7520-15R and Dell Inspiron N5521

    Getting confuse about Dell Inspiron 7520-15R and Dell Inspiron N5521 which one is good to buy , 15R have 4GB Ram and N5221 have 8GB ram and other maybe other configurations are almost same.
  6. I

    Suggestions For A New Laptop

    Here are the few conditions based on which i require your suggestions, techies: Budget: 35K to 45k Brand: Dell (most pref.), (any other suggestions are welcome) Processor: Intel 2nd/3rd Generation Core i3 or i5 RAM: Min 4GB Graphics Card: A must (any) *(if at all nothing is fitting into the...
  7. T

    Dell Inspiron n5050 RAM upgrade

    hey guys I need help in choosing a RAM to upgrade my dad's dell inspiron laptop(model n5050) configuration is: dell inspiron model n5050 intel core i3 2350M 2.30 GHz 2GB RAM windows 7 home SP1 64 bit it is very slow when opening stuff. is it because of the 64bit OS? i was thinking of...
  8. arun garg

    Guide me about this

    I am getting a Acer LED 22 inch for rs 7800. Is it a good buy or i should think about Dell S2240L. which is appr. 9200. I don't know about Acer LED so tell me i should buy for VFM Acer or should go with Dell . I love to play games.
  9. C

    which varaint will be good for nvidia 650 ti boost

    evga gigabyte palit asus zotac sapphire msi which 1 good? give online buy link also... now prices slashed... was in flipkart 13.150 rs now 12185 rs ZOTAC NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti Boost 2 GB GDDR5 Graphics Card - ZOTAC: on mdcomputer 12.2k for msi n asus...
  10. Limitless

    Need a laptop under 30k

    1) What is your budget? (INR or USD) Rs.30000 to 35000 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? Thin and Light; 12" - 14" screen Mainstream; 15" - 16" screen 3) Are there any brands that you prefer or any you really don't like? a. Like: Dell b. Dislike...
  11. R

    where is webcam in dell 5521

    how do i open the webcam in dell 5521 laptop ? any drivers to download ?
  12. ©mß

    How to open Dell speakers?

    I have Dell AX210 speakers. I want to open the speaker case but I can't see any screw to open. How to open it? Any idea anybody?
  13. deadcode00

    Need full hd led monitor budget 11000

    Hi guys I need a new monitor full hd 21inch minimum. I am 3d artist and I do play games aswell, my budget is around 11000 rs . I have selected dell s2204l but its super glossy screen is a let down for me, as I saw few review on youtube the glossiness is way to much for me. If anyone can suggest...
  14. S

    Confused about which laptop to buy. (Have read the buying guides)

    Hello all, I'm new to this forum so I have read the rules and the Laptop guides also before posting, but I'm still confused about which laptop I should get. First things first: My budget is somewhat limited, 40k I want a laptop from Dell, HP or Lenovo but I favor HP and Lenovo because many of...
  15. D

    Need a Monitor within 11K

    So I am planning to buy a monitor this Saturday. I'd prefer a large display- around 24". My budget is 11K. Preferred brands are Dell, Samsung & Benq. Please suggest the best possible. Thanks a lot.
  16. sahil1033

    Owning a Dell Vostro 460 desktop, need upgradation recommendations

    Okay, so my father bought me a Dell Vostro 460 in May '11 and I was unaware of this fact and I was like "oh god, why a company desktop?" Anyways, I've been doing mini upgrades on my own level. What Dell gave me - Monitor : Dell IN1920 Processor : Core i3 2100 @ 3.10GHz Motherboard ...
  17. T

    help needed laptop over heating dell 15r

    guyz i hav a laptop dell 15r n5110. It was working fine few days back . But now it is over heating when i play games like battlefield 3, fifa 13, nfs mw etc. There are frequents lags and fps drops.. suggest me some tweaks and also a cooler pad under 1k... Thanq
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