1. Desmond

    Freedom 251 maker seeks Rs 50,000 Cr from Indian Govt days before launch

    Facing losses, Freedom 251 maker seeks Rs 50,000 Cr from Indian Govt days before launch As consumers wait to see the cheapest smartphone at its scheduled launch in the capital on Thursday, its Noida-based makers have made another pitch for the government's support to make their loss-making...
  2. patkim

    SMS Delivery report related query

    I find that the SMS Delivery Report is not received if the recipient's phone is Off for some time due to which the delivery is delayed. In such case I thought that the delivery report might be received late (when recipient's phone is switched on and active on network and does receive that SMS)...
  3. bajaj151

    Is it safe to provide ID proof?

    Nowadays, courier company asking ID proof (Take the pic) at the time of delivery. Is this safe?
  4. R

    Snapdeal aims 2-hour delivery under Snapdeal Plus

    Owing to the increasing cut throat competition in the effervescent Indian e-commerce market, Snapdeal has reduced its delivery time under a new service. Dubbed as ‘Snapdeal Plus’, the service aims to offer customers delivery of products within two hours of placing an order. Snapdeal_logo...
  5. A

    I want to send cake online to my brother in Bangalore

    I want to send cake online to my brother in Bangalore on his birthday. Problem is that he will be on travel, on his birthday. He will be in Bangalore for just 2-3 hours before leaving for Malaysia. So I am looking for a reliable professional website which delivers cakes, flowers in Bangalore...
  6. A

    Positive Experience Bought shoes and jacket from Snapdeal

    Again I am satisfied with the service provided by Snapdeal. I got jacket packed nicely in a bag and shoe pair separately packed in a box. The delivery was made earler than the stipulated time. I am happy with my products.
  7. Desmond

    Amazon Wants to Send You Stuff Before You’ve Even Decided to Buy It

    Source : Amazon Wants to Send You Stuff Before You’ve Even Decided to Buy It |
  8. S

    What is epacket delivery from China to India?

    Hello myself Sahil. As the title says I want to know what's the epacket delivery from China to India? I have ordered one aluminium case for my samsung galaxy note 2 from China from eBay with seller mentioning free epacket... Anyone have any idea about this?how reliable nd any hidden costs? Thank you
  9. R

    Amazon Outdone by Drug-Delivering Euro Drone

    Read on: Amazon Outdone by Drug-Delivering Euro Drone | Wired Business |
  10. Mr.Kickass

    Google planning Amazon drones' rival

    Source Really ? Then, lucky to have lived this century
  11. Desmond

    Amazon Starts One Day Delivery In India; Charges Rs 99 For It

    Source : Amazon Starts One Day Delivery In India; Charges Rs 99 For It - MediaNama
  12. SaiyanGoku

    Positive Experience Book from

    Bought Gate Guide Metallurgical Engineering by NA | books for Rs 340 Bubble wrap packaging was good and book has no damages. Ordered on sunday, expected delivery was this Friday but I recieved it yesterday itself. DTDC was the courier. Overall 5/5 for hs18 !
  13. C

    [Complaint] Taken for a ride: FedEx/Flipkart

    I ordered a G.Skill RipjawsX 4 GB RAM from flipkart on 3/8/13. They shipped it on 4/8/13 via FedEx and as usual I got the tracking number. The estimated date of delivery was 8/8/13 but on checking the delivery status on 7/8/13 it showed up as 'delivered' (at residence) but I had got no call...
  14. M

    Beware of Online Hoaxes, Frauds, etc

    Many websites are not what they claim to be. Many websites claim to offer, what they don't mean to. IMO, we can remain safe iff we know whether a website is a legit one or Fraud. Share your Experiences and Help ourselves Play it safe ;) In the Mean time, I'll try my best to keep the first...
  15. T

    Flipkart stops goods delivery over Rs 10,000 in Uttar Pradesh

  16. Cilus

    [Complaint] Naaptol's Poor Delivery service

    Hi Guys, need your help here. On 11th April, 2013, I have placed an Order for a XOLO Q800 Mobile Phone on and paid the full amount, Rs 11,823. The product is not available in any of the other online sites during that period. The original amount was 11,998 but I used some Payback...
  17. shreymittal

    Flipkart's DELIVERY OF CASH (DOC)

    Flipkart introduced... DELIVERY OF CASH (DOC) Delivery from withdrawal symptoms... Two years after the launch of its era-changing Cash on Delivery option, Flipkart gears up to initiate its one-of-a-kind Delivery of Cash service. You no longer have to visit ATMs for that much needed money! Just...
  18. A

    Magazine related question

    I just activated the magazine subscription for 1 year , I have a question though.. Does it really take 6 weeks to process the order and delivery or it happens faster ?
  19. J

    Which APC inverter

    Hello, I am looking for a power backup of atleast 2 hrs. Will be running 2 PC + light + fan. I am interested in APC only. Can anybody shed which model is the best value for money. Also will APC delivery it to my home (given battery + inverter is cumbersome to carry alone) and install it...
  20. pramudit

    raspberry pi dilemma

    i was searching for raspberry pi and then i got this..... its showing out of stock but still when i click buy it, it took me to purchasing page with delivery time 10-14days.... can someone tell me will they give product or its like a prebooking...?
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