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I am looking for a power backup of atleast 2 hrs. Will be running 2 PC + light + fan. I am interested in APC only. Can anybody shed which model is the best value for money.

Also will APC delivery it to my home (given battery + inverter is cumbersome to carry alone) and install it (wiring etc).

Any other thoughts appreciated.

Thanks in advance


Right off the assembly line
have frequent power failures for more than an hour .after much research this is my conclusion. a APC UPS come home inverter.

model no:BI650SINE
APC Home UPS, 650VA, Sine wave output


need more on power consumption details..what's the average power consumption of your PCs..also rating of light(40w tube, 28w tube, esl) is required.
IMO considering 2 PCc get 850VA full sine inverter at least!!
also buy a atleast 150AH battery.
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Totally depends on amount of power consumed at every PC and how long you want the back to be lasted.


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@op if you dont know how much power your PCs consumes, post here the system configuration of each PC. & also the consumption of fan & tube
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