Price Drops And Great Deals

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Thread (as the title suggests) made so that all the TDF members stay up to date on Excellent Deals and major Price drops

Ill be posting them in the first post itself!

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AND I will not add any tablets/Phones which DO NOT have Manufacturer Warranty
Or from new e-commerce Websites like - Online Shopping India - Buy Online - Best Deals - Discount Shopping , etc till I read feedback from buyers of these websites.

Today's deal:

Galaxy S Plus @ 18K

Price Drops:

The Cause usually is that at the price it is launched there is already/or a new phone comes with better features so the product that doesnt sell well has its price decreased making it an excellent buy, eg. no one bought the Defy Plus as the Neo V , at that time cheaper than Defy + had better looks , a promise of ICS AND a front facing camera, but now you can get a Defy + for 15K

LG Optimus 3D from Rs. 27,500 to Rs. 23,273

Blackberry Torch 9860 Rs. 27,399 To Rs. 24,990

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And yes Id like some help maintaining this thread cuz my exams are coming and wont end before the 15th of March! :D
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