1. S

    How to pay for WhatsApp subscription in India?

    Hey folks! I've been using WhatsApp for about an year and my subscription is about to end in a month. First of all let me tell you that I don't want to change the number. I have tried paying for the subscription. Here is what happens: With Google wallet (integrated with Google play)...
  2. anirbandd

    CitiBank Credit Card

    Hi All, So I got my spanking new CitiBank Rewards CC yesterday.. it looks sexy!! :D I have never used CCs before, only debit cards. So i would need some guidance from other CC users on the following: 1. Does the CC use PIN, like debit cards?? my card has a chip on it. 2. Its a VISA...
  3. josin

    is it possible to order a product from using Indian debit card

    I have an Axis bank (visa) debit card. I want to buy a headphone from ( USA). Is it possible to do so? will they accept Indian debit cards? If not what are my other options?
  4. X

    Android Developer Account - "Invalid Credit card" while signing up

    Using this site :- While trying to setup a android developer account, The error "Invalid credit card kept coming up. I tried to use two different VISA debit cards, but was still unable to get past that error. After quadruple...
  5. a_medico

    Whatsapp - How do you purchase it without a credit card via paypal?

    So I dont have a credit card and Whatsapp is about to expire this month. Is there any way I could upgrade the service without credit card? I have hdfc international debit card though. I havent yet tried paypal. I have heard, it doesnt work for debit cards.
  6. I

    Itunes and its payment method.

    Guys i am not able to buy any apps from apple app store. The problem is i don't have credit card and when i try buying using my debit card it fails. My debit card is of union bank. Please if anyone knows tell me how can i buy apps in iTunes. Please don't tell jailbreak. that's not a option for...
  7. Revolution

    SBI Yuva Debit Card

    Hi, Wanna know if there is any advantage of SBI Yuva Debit Card over regular sbi debit card ? Any disadvantage ? What's the eligibility ? Can I change from regular debit card to Yuva without any problem ?
  8. Empirial

    Paypal with SBI [Urgent]

    Hi, Is it possible to signup a paypal account using sbi platinum international debit card? Some of my friends are successfully using paypal with hsbc & axis international debit card. Regards.
  9. Revolution

    What The Easiest Way To Recharge Mobile ?

    Hi, Sorry,I have came again with another nub question. My friend got HDFC Visa Debit Card. Now,this card is giver by his company to transfer salary. But,bad thing is he cam't withdraw whole amount from that AC and extra amount is not gonna stay to his AC if he can't use it. Now he want to use...
  10. Akintex

    need help in p@ypal account creation.

    need help in p@ypal account creation. can i use hdfce debit card , netsafe or axix b ank debit card for p@ypal payment.(purchase) or can i use hdfce debit card , netsafe or axix b ank debit card to mak p@ypal account.
  11. mohityadavx

    Paypal Incoming Funds

    Hey I would be getting some money from abroad since Western Union is damn expensive I want to try out Paypal. My question is do I need to have a Credit Card attached to paypal account to accept International Payments or a Debit Card will do .
  12. Nanducob


    Hi, ive gone through many threads in this forum about Paypal and also Ico's '[Must Read] Information regarding Indian Debit Cards' thread,very informative thread i must say.So my question is -can i register on paypal using a Axis bank debit card?,because i found it confusing where it says that...
  13. ico

    [Must Read] Information regarding Indian Debit Cards.

    In India, four types of Debit Cards are issued by banks - VISA, VISA Electron, MasterCard and Maestro. Here is the information which is always written on a Debit Card: 1) Your name. 2) Expiration month and year. 3) 3 Digit CVV code which is again a number. The above three, alongwith your...
  14. RCuber

    Paypal - Cannot Add HDFC Debit Card

    Hey Guys, Im getting the following error when trying to add my new HDFC debit card (Master) The card is a international debit card and can be used online. What can be the issue? I have already linked my HDFC bank account to paypal without any issue. The card is new and status is...
  15. rider

    Debit Card for shopping

    Which is the best debit card for shopping online? ICICI, Axis, citi or something else?
  16. techbulb

    Need help about banks

    I am getting my debit card next month so can someone tell me that from which bank should i get it so that i can use it on international sites also like because i read somewhere that Indian banks have some extra safety feature on debit cards so we cannot use them on international...
  17. suntex

    1GB Hosting Space + 150GB Monthly Bandwidth+ Unlimited Emails

    1GB Hosting Space + 150GB Monthly Bandwidth+ Unlimited Emails = Rs.100/mo SunShell™ Hosting specializes in budget shared as well as reseller hosting since the end of 2006. With our high performance CloudLinux powered hosting, you'll get sufficient speed for your every site hosted on our server...
  18. Sarath

    Debit cards work on Android Market?

    My credit card (Mom's) is getting declined on Android Market maybe because I downloaded too many apps yesterday due to the ongoing festivities at the market. I then tried adding my own Debit card but it got "declined" Has anyone used their debit card to buy from the Android market? And am...
  19. A


    hi i want to buy a kindle but i have some questions. first how do u buy books on the kindle / second do u require a credit card(can u use a debit card ) ? and what is the apprrox cost ?
  20. V


    Hi fellas, I am a registered ebay buyer and i do lot of shopping sometimes on it requires paypal money,It gets very hard to transfer the amt from Bank to Paypal a/c.Now i own a IDBI International ATM cum debit card and it does have 3 digit code but no expiry date.I tried to add...
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