Debit cards work on Android Market?


My credit card (Mom's) is getting declined on Android Market maybe because I downloaded too many apps yesterday due to the ongoing festivities at the market. I then tried adding my own Debit card but it got "declined"

Has anyone used their debit card to buy from the Android market?

And am I doing something wrong? Kindly help :(

Don't point me towards 4shared. I know of it :))


Peak Oil is real!
Even my HDFC VISA debit card was declined... Sad that I don't have a credit card to take advantage of this opportunity... :(


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They don't work. Only Credit Cards. That's the rule of the thumb.


Thanks guys. I have heard the same from many people now. Seems like the norm.

I think the prob is with repetitive $0.10 purchases for which the CC reps are calling up to prevent theft. I think I missed the call since Mom's abroad and the card belongs to her.

Should I wait or call ICICI myself.
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