1. The Conqueror

    SBI Debit Card Query

    Can we use SBI Debit Card in PayPal? If yes,How ? Can we use it as VCC? Thanks in advance :razz:
  2. M

    How to Transfer Money to USA??? - Urgent Help Needed

    Hey friends, Recently my friend sent some goodies to me from USA. I want to pay him. The payment is around 13500/- I don't have credit card and neither a Verified Paypal account (with NO Balance). Is it possible to send money by means of Debit Card (I have SBI debit cum ATM Card) or Money...
  3. victor_rambo

    Paypal not accepting my Axis bank internation gold debit card. Need alternative.

    Hi all, I need to make a small payment through PayPal. I have an Axis bank international gold debit card with a Visa logo on it. paypal is not accepting my debit card. I need an alternative. Please suggest one. Will virtual credit cards(VCC) help me? how much time does it take for me to get a...
  4. A

    paypal account

    guys i need to open a paypal account.. just to accept some ammount from southafrica.. how to do that? and what'll they charge? and i don have credit card.. i have only debit card.. which account is good? please guide me.. thanks in advance..
  5. assasin

    creating a PayPal account

    hi guys need ur help again.i've a SBI atm card cum debit card.can i open a paypal account with it?
  6. P

    card question (debit+credit) please ans

    can I do Internet reservations/shopping with my debit card ? I was arguing with my friend that I need a credit card for yatra/makemytrip flight reservations but I have to wait until I have a credit card ( it is under process ) . So can I do it using my debit card ? I have IcIcI /...
  7. L

    Help me with paypal issue

    Hello guy's is there anybank DEBIT CARD accepted by paypal?????if so get the details.......
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