1. D

    What to do after 12th?

    Dear Friends, I have just finished off my 11th(State Syllabi) by taking 92.45% My father runs an industry which deals with manufacturing of products called as Gauges and other Miscellaneous things (Website) and definitely i would want to support my father. But i have interest also in...
  2. R

    CD duplication at reasonable price!

    I’m looking for a company that does large scale CD duplication. I have a photo studio and video shooting shop. Recently I shot a video piece which could be breaking news for most of the world. I tried using internet marketing and personal contacts to popularize the content but I feel the need of...
  3. rahull

    Second Hand P4 for sale!

    Sold out Scroll to bottom for currently available deals
  4. Y


    Can any one tell about the list of indian banks which deals with paypal transaction?:rolleyes:
  5. N


    how to send and an Orkut account and tell them to visit the link.please help me.and tell some forums which are active and which deals with all about orkut.
  6. A

    hardware query

    anyone know where to find the latest harware nd cheapest deals in hyderabad.
  7. A

    Buying assembeled PC

    I want to buy a PC. My budget is 30,000 bucks. Which shop on Lamington Road, Mumbai offes best deals? Can any one suggest me a decent config for the money I am ready to spend???
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