1. bajaj151

    Urgent: Canon SX160 or Sony CyberShot DSC-WX60 or Other

    Please help me buying my first camera.. Budget: Max 10k Canon SX160: 8175 (after applying coupon) Canon Digital Camera PowerShot SX160 IS-16 megapixels,16x Optical Zoom(2YR WTY) | eBay Sony CyberShot DSC-WX60: 8277 (after applying coupon) Sony CyberShot DSC-WX60 Point &...
  2. A

    Choosing a digital camera ?

    Hi Friends Recently I went to a sony showroom, and cheked out some digicams. I'm really confused which one to buy among the three 1. Sony Cybershot DSC 690, G Lens, 10x zoom, price:9k 2. Sony Cybershot w730, Carl Zeiss Lens, 8x zoom, price:8k 3. Sony Cybershot h100, Sony Lens, 21x zoom...
  3. A

    Point And shoot till 18.3K

    Guys i need to buy a camera under 18.3K (P&S),set this budget coz i have heard about Sony CyberShot DSC HX20V,i saw the reviews and quiet liked it. I just wanna know if there are any other P&S cameras which are better than Sony "CyberShot DSC HX20V" whithin the same budget. Thanks in advance
  4. P

    Sony Cybershot DSC-WX7 OR Canon PowerShot SX130

    Which one is better Sony Cybershot DSC-WX7 OR Canon PowerShot SX130. I don't have much idea about digital cameras but need one to buy for it my sister. Please suggest me the better one.
  5. Nipun

    Any better camera than Cybershot HX7V?

    HI! As some of might know, I purchased a Sony Cybershot HX7V for 15600. I just want to know if there is even a better camera I could have bought in same price range.... Just asking if this was my best buy :grin: :D :D
  6. B

    Nikon Coolpix S4000 vs Sony Cybershot DSC W320

    Hi, I want to buy a digital camera in the price range of 10k-12k. I have seen two cameras in the market in that range, the Nikon Coolpix S4000 with 12MP, 4x zoom; and the Sony Cybershot DSC W320 with 14.1Mp, 4x zoom. Which one of these two models will be a better buy? I want good picture...
  7. B

    Which Camera between Cannon IXUS or Sony Cybershot T-Series

    i need to choose between Cannon IXUS and Sony Cybershot DSC-T900/S and its come down to detailed specs and lens quality and i cannt really figure it out..please suggest the better choice. ..also if there is any other camera option between 18-25K range which allows HD movie recording please...
  8. luckysmeg

    Need a DigiCAM

    Hello Friends! I want to buy a Digital camera for my personeel use.I don't have much knowledge about camerasm,But i want a good looking,with good features. i had a look on some cameras.I found sony cybershot really cool,but my friend told to have a canon digicam. We ended up with Canon...
  9. girish.g

    sony cybershot t77

    im thinking of buying sony cybershot dsc t77.can anyone tell me its price. is the t series(t200, t300) from sony good? please do mention any alternatives for around 15-20k
  10. zegulas

    Sony Cybershot DSC W5 as a webcam.

    My friend has the Sony Cybershot DSC W5, he wants to use it as a webcam, what is the procedure?
  11. phanisrinivas

    Nokia N82 , please tell me??

    I want to buy NOKIA N82. Please tell me the Price, Review, compare to N78, SE W902, SE K 850 Cybershot.
  12. Indyan

    DigiCam - Budget= 10k

    I am looking to buy a digicam in the 10k range. Digit gave best performance award to A470 in this range. But they didnt review anything from the Cybershot series. So I was wondering if there is any cybershot model that would do better in this range? Also what is the current cost of SONY...
  13. INS-ANI

    cybershot query

    I need people to share their experience on SE cybershot series. I have a budget of 20k, and i wanna use my cell for music, and as a gd digicam. please advice me!
  14. dreamcatcher

    New Se Phones

    Sony Ericsson is set to announce two walkman phones and a z series clamshell tonite at a press conerence to heastart into CES.the phones are rumoured to be more or less on the lower end to the mid end side with a gaming phon and cybershot phone being announced on 24th jan and 27th jan...
  15. bajaj151

    Which one ?

    Having a budget of 15-16k....I m very much selecting the phone. I want ur suggestion , I want good sound + good camera..... N73 or cybershot or ?????
  16. J

    sony cybershot dsc t3

    hello there I have a sony cybershot DSC t 3 camera and have been using it for the past three years. Just two days back the lcd went blank.I tried the reset button but nothing happened. I did google and searched for some firmware update but I didnt feel lucky enough! Kindly suggest if there are...
  17. arunks

    Suggest me a digital camera fast ... i want to purchase it in next 2 help

    Which one is better Sony cybershot w35, sony cybershot S650 or canon powershot A550????????????????? Plz tell me fast ...i wanna purchase it in next 2 hours...
  18. JohnephSi

    Sony Cybershot

    Plz suggest me digital camera. MY budget is Rs 15000
  19. koolbluez

    SONY prints now!

    After it's latest tryst with the Blu-Ray, Sony now brings another dimension to its vast horizon. Well, not content with cameras, walkmans, walkman phones, cybershot phones, tvs.... Sony has now entered the highly competetive but very profitable market of photo-printing. The new PictureStation...
  20. koolbluez

    New Cybershot series in the wake :(

    Yup... u saw it right... the title ended with a :( This is frustuating... and to many... cheering... well, it depends upon whether u bought a Sony Cybershot recently or not. And, I bought the wonderfully good DSC H5 a month back. For 30k. What I heard ystrday was that there is a new Cybershot...
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