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cybershot query

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In the zone
I need people to share their experience on SE cybershot series.
I have a budget of 20k, and i wanna use my cell for music, and as a gd digicam.
please advice me!


Rockin g33k
go for the SE k850..according to me..the best cam phone out there...u need some time to get used to the cam...the light sensor and evrything..but after that..it works like a charm..u can consider the n82 if u are into symbain....andthe k850 sounds better or equal to most walkman phones out there...choose yourself..

btw..i had a chance to play with the n82 for a couple of hours today..a friend of mine has bought it...

well..good build quality..but the sweaty conditions really take the shine of the phone and thing looks very ghingy...as a matter of fact..the screen is below nokia standards and readibility is not that great...the metal cover looks real clumsy when dirty

did not have headphones..but the sound quality throught the so called stereo speakers is well below standards..my k850 beat the hell out of it...now n82 owners, dont go mad at me..the sound is really low..speakers that is..and quality is questionable..

the phone is quite fast for a symbian phone..much like my ex-5700...tried to multitask..with music running in the background and typing a text message...well..quite slow..hasnt improved as much peaple are hampering on...but dont get me wrong..not the best multitasker, but still a very speedy phone..

nokia maps was slow..and navigation through such a small screen is really tiring..eats battery like a hungry lion...good addition.but really..who does use it..and we dont have maps for kolkata.. :D

the camera part was quite good..interface is the same as the n95...quite tiring for me after having used a cybershot..but coming to the pic quality..

color reproduction is duller than the k850..but the sharpness is better...n82 has better post processing..and though it may lose a few details in the long run, but the whole thing looks good..if not for the screen..the pics would have looked better imo..i will try to get a few sample pics tomorrow and share...

btw..the keypad is really really crap..how do u guys use it..the buttons are well driven inside...and i had pressed quite a few wrong buttons..after actually getting some right..smsing is a pain...
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