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Any better camera than Cybershot HX7V?


Whompy Whomperson

As some of might know, I purchased a Sony Cybershot HX7V for 15600. I just want to know if there is even a better camera I could have bought in same price range.... Just asking if this was my best buy :grin: :D :D


Grand Master
yaah saw that it other thread...congrats...I think its sufficient for u to start learning...now give me some answers..I will take a test :D

1. does it have aperture priority, shutter priority , manual mode and program auto mode
2. can it record 1080p video
3. does it support SDXC cards
4. does it have a panaroma shot mode


Whompy Whomperson
Thanks. :)

1: Whats aperture priority? :p Whats Shutter Priority? :p
And it has manual and program auto modes.

2: Yup, it can record at 1080. Its movie recording resolution is 1920*1080.

3: yup, it does support SDXC cards.
4: Yup, it has panaroma shot mode.

It also has a 3d panaroma, not sure what it does :p :p

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How My Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ10 Will Compare With Cybershot HX7V? Which is better?


@Geek-With-Lens - compared to HX7v, i'd say TZ10. :) compared HX9V... i would equal with less number of features...


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the best thing in TZ10 is manual modes like aperture priority, shutter priority, ...which help in learning photography...if u prefer automatic mode then HX7V or HX9V is ok
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