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SONY prints now!

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After it's latest tryst with the Blu-Ray, Sony now brings another dimension to its vast horizon.
Well, not content with cameras, walkmans, walkman phones, cybershot phones, tvs.... Sony has now entered the highly competetive but very profitable market of photo-printing. The new PictureStation printers from Sony, the DPP-FP90 and DPP-FP70 are light-weight & portable (with handles to carry too) & sport a 3.6-inch and 2.5-inches LCDs with added advantage of applying digital effects to the photos via the LCD. Sony’s Bionz image processor, which drives their latest Cybershot cameras takes only 45 seconds for a 4 x 6 print when working with a Memory Stick! SD and CF 's work too. Cost of print... 29 cents per print with both printers. The printers'll be out in March for $200 and $150, respectively.


[More pictures here]

There r some new voice-recorders too in the offing.
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