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  1. paroh

    $100 Sony PS3 price cut possible in August

    Sony is reportedly preparing for another round of PlayStation 3 price cuts, as the company prepares for the release of the newest Madden NFL game from Electronic Arts. The video game is scheduled for an Aug. 18 release, with a $100 PS3 price cut expected starting on Aug. 1. It's most likely a...
  2. N

    Fs: [Graphic Card] Zebronics 7600 GT 256MB GDDR3 PCI E

    Fs: [Graphic Card] Zebronics 7600 GT 256MB GDDR3 PCI E - Price Dropped Rs. 1700 + Shipping Almost 1 yr warranty left. Box includes: Graphic Card S-Video out cable Driver CD Manual Bill If you want to cut down on shipping i can ship the card w/o box. Reason for sale: wanna upgrade
  3. NucleusKore

    I'm back

    Hi everybody Haven't been very active for more than a month now on account of my moving house, and the fact that AirTel took eight days to move my connection, thanks to Mangalore City Corporation contractors who dug the road with a JCB and cut all the cables. I just got my connection an hour...
  4. J

    C2D price...

    Hi, I am going to get E8400 this week. Should i wait...i mean is Intel going to cut their price any soon? :?
  5. Shasanka_Gogoi

    How to cut away parts from .AVI files without any loss in quality

    i have a few avi video files,,, some of dem r in widescreen and some not... wat i wanna do is to cut a particular part of dat avi file and delte d rest wthout affectn d quality or d aspect ratio of d video,,, iv tried dis usin NERO bt d output video file size is very very high (coz d main motive...
  6. kalpik

    Undersea Cable cut again!

    Sources: http://technology.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/tech_and_web/the_web/article5372294.ece and http://news.cnet.com/8301-1035_3-10127123-94.html
  7. V

    any idea.........

    hi plz tell me any new software to compress the movies and any new software to cut video.............
  8. sonicspeed

    Intel price cut for year 2008

    http://www.techtrance.net/2008/10/pc-hardware-news/intels-last-price-cut-for-year-2008/ new prices are better when someone wants to buy a used. this is worth looking.
  9. D

    any s/w for mp3 song

    hi is there any software available for mp3 songs which i can cut few part of it n save it in short i m searching a s/w for a full length mp3 to be cut n make it shorter for example i love few songs of movie karzz but i like some part of one song which i want to cut n save it as a different...
  10. H

    Please Suggest A Good Game To Go For Now....

    Hi Everyone, I'm upgrading my PC this week and I am getting a new HD4850 graphics card. So I would like to know that which is the best game to go for now currently. Please suggest a good game that I should try out. I have been cut off from the gaming world for the past year or so and...
  11. gary4gar

    How to cut audio & video files

    How to cut audio from mp3 file, like if i want a particular tune of the whole song? and in video if a want a particular scene from whole movie? what packages should i use?
  12. mavihs

    Modding My Cabbie!! ! ! !

    Guys i need ur help ! ! ! ! I want to mod my cabinate & this is the first time i'm going to be doing that! ! ! ! So can u give me some advise ! ! ! ! & i want to cut the steel, so can u tell me how to do that ! ! !
  13. H

    Ho to cut DVD video

    How to cut DVD Video.....? do is there any software (like VCD cutter) which is very simple to cut plz help me out...Thanking u Hidayath
  14. M

    config. needed

    I am buying a comp.Please suggest me the best config. i can expect in 21-23k.I initially thought that i would build a decent gaming comp. around 30-35k but there is a problem now so i had to cut it down.Still try to suggest a rig which supports gaming and can be upgraded later.
  15. S

    Lg Monitor....

    Guys,I own a 17 inch crt Lg monitor which is of 4 yrs old. last year my monitor started flickering and there are some distorted lines that started coming.. i took it to an hardware expert and got it repaired. And now again, it started flickering and the edges got cut off and now its like...
  16. A

    Vob to Vob cut how to do it any idea

    How to cut vob files directly Vob to Vob cut any software there i tried many softwares but all software who tell vob to vob dont do it they do vob to mpeg , or vob to avi . i want to cut directly from vob to vob without reencoding like how we can do mpeg to mpeg or avi to avi without...
  17. evewin89

    Airtel "the Real Thief"

    i hav activated my GPRS connection last month (23rd feb 2008) & i was planing 2 deactivate it b4 my 1month gets ovr..bt on 17th of dis month only they hav cut my GPRS rental for the 2nd month,so i changed my mind & i continued using the GPRS connection.on 23rd of dis month wen i recharged my...
  18. H

    Fifth Undersea Internet Cable Cut ...

  19. nileshgr

    Cable Cut Restored ??

    It seems like the cable cut has been restored as my speed of internet has returned to normal. It was damn slow 2 days ago ??? Any news about this ?
  20. als2

    Internet services in India and Egypt disrupted

    Internet services in India and Egypt disrupted MUMBAI (Reuters) - A breakdown in an international undersea cable network badly disrupted Internet links to India and Egypt on Wednesday. Egypt's Telecommunications Ministry said a communications cable in the Mediterranean was cut, disrupting...
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