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  1. P

    RE: DVD Cutting Software

    Hello Friends, I am virtually a very much use of DVD's in my computer, i wanted to know whether there is a software for cutting DVD films. I do not want to rip the films and then cut. I want to cut in there DVD form only, Please do help me in finding a software for it, since i...
  2. Generic Superhero

    multimedia tools

    suggest me the best softwares in the followin categories 1. I wanna fiddle with music tracks e.g. put my own voice in a song? shud i use soundforge? 2. 2 cut part of a video file wat 2 use?
  3. S

    {Req} I need software to cut the DVD in parts

    Hi, I required a software that cut the DVD into different parts but in same pic quality and sound quality. It may be cut DVD into DVD format or any other. Kindly suggest me. thank you.
  4. go4saket

    Photoshop experts, please help...

    Hello Friends! Can any one explain me the procedure of cutting out a particular part of the picture. Take for example the below mentioned picture. I want to cut the picture of Kareena Kapoor and paste in it some other background. The lasso or the magic wand tools were the ones I tried, but the...
  5. A

    a c program.. how to do it???

    Today I got a program which I think maybe easy or maybe too difficult.. lets see can anyone help me... If a student is asked what is the value of the fraction 26/65.. what he does is cuts the two 6s i.e. one in the numerator and one in the denominator... and says 2/5.. whereas the answer is...
  6. S

    Except VCD Cutter!!!!!!!!!

    Except VCD Cutter is there any other software that can cut clips and join them simultaneouly?
  7. R

    WinXP Files not moved using KNOPPIX

    How do i copy + cut + paste files on Windows volumes using Knopppix ??
  8. tweety_bird_bunny

    editing video files....

    hi.... i wanted to ask that how can i edit my video files?? i mean that suppose there is some song in a movie which i want cut out.... so is there any software through which i can cut out that portion of the video file (.dat) & the rest remains as it is....
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