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  1. R

    Printer + scanner machine suggestion required

    Hello Digit, I need to buy a Printer cum scanner cum fax machine for my home use. Please suggest me the and affordable one Ink cartridge refilling wise and print quality. I'm not going to print photos. Only document printing will be my use. Regards, Rishikesh
  2. C

    shaver cum trimmer need

    i am looking for a shaver cum trimmer for shaving and trimming my beard.I've never used one before so have no idea about it.Please point out some shaver cum trimmer from brands like Philips(don't know about any other brands as far trimming is concerned)Budget is around Rs 1500(lower the better...
  3. avichandana20000


    need a 3D MONITOR cum TV for 20 k
  4. S

    Router suggestion

    i have a D-link dir-615 router i am perfectly happy with its range and connectivity but i wish to add a 2 TB external hard drive and a Hp desk-jet scanner cum printer directly to the router can u suggest which model of router should i upgrade to?
  5. A

    TV cum Monitor !!!!!

    Want a TV cum Monitor !!!!16k 1) size.. >24-32inch 2)purpose.. >watchin TV and playing high resolution PC games 3)price.. >13-16k 4)type.. >LCD or LED(if in range)
  6. Charley

    Tablet Cum Laptop

    I think instead of buying Funbook, which is only a tablet. Tablet cum Laptop is a better investment. Your ideas ?
  7. ajayashish

    Belkin N150 for Airtel

    Anyone in the forum using Router+Modem with Airtel: Belkin N150 for Airtel I am planning to purchase Belkin N150 for sharing my Airtel Broadband connection. Can you tell me how is this router cum modem and if anyone is using it. I am getting it at a price of 2700... is there anyone here who...
  8. S

    ADSL cum Wifi Router

    Hey Guys, I want to purchase an entry level ADSL + Wifi router. My budget would be not more than 3500. I was thinking of the Linksys WAG120N but the problem is the range as it has an internal antena! I need a ADSL cum Wifi router having the best range possible as router performance is not...
  9. A

    All in one printer under 5k

    which will be the best printer cum scanner for animation purpose. Cannon preferred.
  10. A

    Connecting 2 systems in LAN

    As I already posted in my previous threads that i will be taking a new system..Once i take it I wanna connect this by LAN to my OLD PC..I want to achieve 2 things.. 1. I want to connect both the systems to internet by BSNL Broadband Dataone with my Nokia seimens ADSL Router cum modem which has...
  11. techno_adi

    Which TV to Buy

    Hi, I have to purchase a TV,but am not sure which one to go for. Can you guys please help me make a decision. I use TVs mostly for watching Movies, occasionally connecting to PC & games. I have DTH connection in place. I am looking for something >=26 inch Should I go for a Monitor + TV Tuner...
  12. bhushan2k

    want to buy Creative ZEN

    hv budget 5k vision w 30/60gb x-fi 8gb zen 2/4/8/16/32gb vision:m 30/60gb plz suggest (model along with size) which will cum under 5k...need audio cum video playback (IMP) support...so frm these models only... or better than creative zen if any model from different brand available...
  13. Plasma_Snake

    Audio-Video Transcoder cum Joiner cum Splitter

    Well actually I'm looking for a replacement for Media Coder as I've found all the iterations of the software more buggy and error prone than their previous ones. So can you guys suggest me some another software that gets the job done like from IM TOO or Xillsoft etc.
  14. Sridhar_Rao

    Freeware for CD & DVD writing

    Guys, I am having problem with sonic digital media software that was bundled with dell, and not get product support or update. I am looking for a good cd cum DVD burning software that is a freeware. Please suggest the one you have used and felt satisfied.
  15. D

    Search Diassapeared

    Hi guys I m using XP recently wen i click on search.. The Side Window opens...i can see the dog(search assistant) but nothing else is seen...no text no input box... and 1 more thing...i have an account called'Administrator' it doesnt cum in the list of users..i have to press...
  16. assasin

    creating a PayPal account

    hi guys need ur help again.i've a SBI atm card cum debit card.can i open a paypal account with it?
  17. harmax

    anyone with FC5(FIVE) DVD,CD in chennai ?????

    anyone with FC5(FIVE) DVD,CD in chennai ????? DVD wud be better if yes please pm me i badly need them,i shall cum and collect 'em and replace ur discs with empty ones thanks in adv
  18. O

    Headphone cum poratble speakers

    Hi, does anybody know of a headphone which can also work as portable speakers also, so that I can put them on ears when wanted and also use them as portable speakers when I dont want to wear them.
  19. H

    USB Drive cum MP3 player upgrade

    I have a 512 MB MP3 player cum pen drive from some Chinese company.[It has the name of a well known company on it & looks very real but I know its Chinese because its manual is written in Chinese.] I want to know whether I can replace the memory card within to a 1-Gb one? Also I want to...
  20. swap_too_fast

    can i write cd on dvd writer

    hi friends , I only having a cd- rom in my system & want to buy the dvd cum cd writer, can i write cd on dvd writer, pleaase suggest me for best thing in market :idea:
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