1. ©mß

    Laptop for CSE student?

    Right now I am in Ist semester and think won't be needing laptop for the Ist year. But still thinking of buying one now(cause in recently held workshop about app development I was lagging behind :-( ). Would be using it mostly for coding, watching anime and somewhat gaming at medium settings...
  2. setanjan123

    btech confusion

    Guys i was wondering how much programming part is there in WBUT syllabus in IT stream. Im just in 1st year. I knw in 2nd year there is C. But is there java,sql etc or that is in CSE? What is the main diff b/w CSE and IT when it comes down to programming?
  3. isenberg

    which branch to chose in engineering ?

    Hi, I am really confused about deciding which branch to take admission into in b.tech amongst Mech. , CSE and ECE. I want to do M.tech after B.tech. So, salary is not a big deal for me (at least not yet). I've always wanted to go for CSE as I had interest in programming and other computer...
  4. gdebojyoti

    Can non IT or CSE students apply at top tech companies?

    Can non IT/ CSE students apply at top tech companies? Can a student from Electronics and Communications Engineering department apply for a job at one of the top tech companies (like Microsoft, Google and Facebook)? Or is the entry restricted to students from CSE and IT departments only...
  5. isenberg

    Engineering from private ?

    Hello everyone, I've just given my HS final exam and though I know what my passion is, I am finding it very hard to decide which path to choose. My first problem is my age. My H.S exam went well.I expect star mark. But my problem is I am 20 and I've reached the age limit so I can't drop 1 year...
  6. Shah

    B.Tech IT or BE CSE?

    I am doing my 12th at present. After a lot of research, I have shortlisted B.Tech IT and BE CSE to study after finishing +2. I need your help in choosing any one of these courses. My Fields of Interests are Artificial Intelligence, Cryptography and Programming.
  7. rahul_c

    Graphic Era University, Dehradun

    How is this college? Recently went there, the campus and staff were very nice. But the fee is very high! Tuition fees alone is ~1.8 lakhs per annum. I dont want to end up loosing all my dad's savings and be job less after graduation. I got CSE, but not sure if it will be worth it. Last yr...
  8. The Conqueror

    B.E./B.Tech Colleges in Pune/Mumbai

    I am expecting CET results next week, so which engineering colleges should I look out for in Mumbai or Pune for CSE?
  9. Ray

    Btech in IT from good college vs CSE in average college

    Hi I recently got wbjee rank 0f 18000.With this rank I am getting IT in good private college but only getting CSE in average private colleges.Which should I take? I heard CSE and IT are 80% same??I have no plan of doing Mtech in future :| Edit If i do Mba in future which is better?(not sure i...
  10. T

    Should I opt for integrated MBA? B.tech CSE

    I am doin B.tech CSE in Gauhati University (IST). Recently they gave me a choice to go for 'integrated MBA' in Gauhati University. I do want to persue till M.tech. I can handle my subjects as per performance in exams is concerned. Will Integrated MBA be of any use to me ? What factors should...
  11. V


    hello...frnz i had chosen cse wen i entered bits n now 1st yr is over and college allowz us to stil change the branch.so i was thnking if i shud change to eee i require urgent advice on this.plz help me choose ma branch cse : 1.i m jus ok in programming 2i got average marks in programmming...
  12. thetechfreak

    CSE Undergraduate in Germany

    Can any one give me some information on some good Universities which offers Undergraduate Engineering Course in computer Science in Germany? With Scholarship? Could you please inform some other good insitute which offers CSE undergraduate courses in other European countries? Thanks
  13. A

    Need suggestion!!!

    Plz suggest some courses to have a better future in CSE
  14. nims11

    which college to go through AIEEE

    my AIEEE overall rank - 6491 state rank - 185 home state - jharkhand according to last years central counselling opening closing ranks till round 5, i have shortlisted these which i can get. - IT at MNNIT,allahabad - IT at NIT, surathkal - CSE at NIT,calicut - CSE at NIT,rourkela - CSE at BIT...
  15. A

    ISMU or new IITs

    Hello friends, in JEE-2011, I got 3903 All India Rank. Now I am in a big problem, which college to choose ISM Dhandad or new IITs. My first preference is of course IT-BHU, if I could get Mechanical there. But, it's hard if we see last year closing and opening ranks. After IT-BHU, which college I...
  16. KDroid

    IIIT - Hyderebad (CSE) vs IIT Kanpur (CS)

    Keeping all the factors in mind, According to you, Which is better? International Institute of Information Technology - Hyderabad (Computer Science & Engineering) or Indian Institute of Technology (Computer Science) IIIT-H's CSE is considered be better than any of the CS courses available at...
  17. darklord_2007

    Guidance Required

    Friends..i am recently graduated from B.Tech CSE with 71% agg..and i got an offer letter for HCL BServ as a TSO in Chennai..I came to know that we can shift to IT division after 6mnths of joining through HCL ASPIRE..As a CSE graduate is it advisable to go to HCL Bserv?? or should i wait for...
  18. R

    MS or M.Tech

    what do u prefer me to do MS or M.Tech??? where can i do it??? in India or abroad??? i am doing my B.E (Cse)...
  19. Zeeshan Quireshi

    Admission Procedure for Computer Science in India !

    I have been pondering over the Admission Procedure for Computer Science in Universities . Likw for instance in AIEEE based institutes there is a mad rush for CSE , everyone wants to takes CSE only . Also ,Universities do not Differentiate between CS(Computer Science) , CE(Computer Engineering)...
  20. S

    Suggest Me..........ECE or CSE or IT??

    Hi! friends i want to ask for ur suggestions regarding my B.tech. i hv passed the diploma from polytechnic college in Electronics & communication Engg. with 75% marks. now i want to B.tech. suggest me in which stream should i take admission in ECE or CSE (Computer Science Engg.) my interest in...
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