Which make of 19" Flat CRT To Buy ?

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Hi everybody,

I decided to buy the 19" CRT monitor a month ago and was waiting for the Samsung SyncMaster 997MB (19") (Black/Silver Body Color).

But this model is not reaching the Chennai (But it seems its available at other places) and I am waiting for amost 1 1/2 months.

Can anybody suggest which model or "make + model" to buy.

The following are my criteria for 19" CRT Monitor:
1. Usage for 3D Modeling.
2. Full Flat Screen.
3 Should be Black or Black / Silver body color.
4 Should be less than Rs. 15,000/


i think samsung is a good company tho i dont kno about models and prices....but theres no harm in waitin for 1.5 months...the time will fly by u wont evwn kno...and then u will b damn happy about ur good choice

or else y dont u look for a lil smaller lcd screens ?


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I am not ready to settle anything for less than 19" and LCD 19" is way toooooo costly.

So I have to settle for the 19" CRT Range.

But I am loosing my mind waiting for the Samsung Monitor to be launched.


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check out big apple they sell 20 inch monitors for Rs 8000/- and 21 inch monitor for 12000/- all top brands like sony SG etc(Second hand ofcourse)
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