1. swatkats

    Hathway Broadband plans expansion to take on ACT Fibernet, Has it improved from earlier?

    Hathway has announced investing around Rs 280 crore towards broadband network infrastructure with a focus on six metro cities this fiscal, aimed at improving its revenues from broadband to nearly 50% from the current 20%. The company recently launched its high-speed internet offering Docsis...
  2. Desmond

    Govt. planning to shutdown Air India, MTNL and HMT among other Public Sector Undertakings.

    Synopsis: Five public sector undertakings (PSUs) will be closed down by the government, which has included some of the best known state-run enterprises like Air India, MTNL and Hindustan Shipyard, in the list of 65 sick PSUs, Lok Sabha was informed on Tuesday. Source: Govt to shut down Air...
  3. Empirial

    Apple aims for Rs 1,000 Crore From iPhone 5S Sales in India This Quarter

    After selling out its premium iPhone 5S within 24 hours in India, Apple is now aiming to generate Rs 1,000 crore worth of sales from the smartphone. This would be twice the volume of sales of the iPhone 5 in the year ago quarter. To achieve the target, Apple will have to sell two lakh units in...
  4. W

    Gujarat leads in e-transactions of public service

    e-public of Gujarat leads India Gujarat accounts for over 25% of all e-transactions recorded in India from January 1 to July 26 this year, according to 'eTaal', a central government web portal that disseminates e-transaction statistics. From land record registration to registering a new...
  5. Empirial

    Samsung to invest Rs 500 crore to ramp up mobile phone manufacturing in India

    Samsung is gearing up to expand its mobile business in India by investing over Rs 500 crore to set up a new manufacturing facility. This will help the company in increasing its production to meet the growing demands for its mobile devices in India, PTI reports. Samsung has approached the Indian...
  6. ico

    Vodafone-Hutchison deal: Vodafone wins Rs 11,000 crore tax case

    NEW DELHI: In a major victory to Vodafone International Holdings, the Supreme Court on Friday set aside the Bombay high court judgement asking the company to pay income tax of Rs 11,000 crore, holding that tax authorities do not have jurisdiction on an overseas transaction. A three-judge bench...
  7. soumo27

    Reader's Digest Sweepstakes - Is it a scam?

    :shock: I got this mail today:- I signed up for this already, with an option of payment via VPP :sad: of Rs. 499. But I read in some consumer complaint forum that you win nothing. :-( Please let me know something about this!.. Check this link of complaints against them:-...
  8. ithehappy

    JUST 122 Crores needed to become a rich country.

    56% of our population lives below poverty line. We are still a 3rd world country. But I was thinking that why our Government is not taking a step! Anyway I had a dream last night that I am traveling across India and everywhere, even at those typical countrysides I find people are having great...
  9. J

    I inherited 1 crore rupees from my uncle. What to do?

    Guys, I just came to know that I inherited 1 crore rupees from my dead uncle. Now I don't know what to do? I want to do something constructive with it. So what should I do? Here somethings I am thinking of doing, 1. open a bar 2. start a wine shop 3. open a video parlour 4. invest in...
  10. rajwansh2003

    Madhu Koda Arrested in Rs 4,000 Crore Money Laundering Scam in Jharkhand

    Former Jharkhand Chief Minister Madhu Koda arrested by the Enforcement Directorate from Chaibasa, Jharkhand on Monday and has been taken to the office of Enforcement Directorate. He was under inquiry for miss use of Rs. 4000 crore.
  11. abhijit_reddevil

    Cost of keeping Kasab alive-Rs.31 crore so far

    Guess how much India is spending on keeping the sole surviving 26/11 Pakistani terrorist alive - and healthy in prison? Over Rs 30 crore and counting.:shock::evil:
  12. paroh

    Govt fixes 3G spectrum reserve price at Rs 4040 cr

    NEW DELHI: Paving the way for unleashing of next generation mobile telephony, the government today fixed reserve price of Rs 4040 crore for auction of 3G spectrum, a move that would help it garner at least Rs 32,320 crore. A consensus between Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee and Telecom...
  13. din

    Rs 6 crore van for Ajmal Kasab - the terrorist !

    [Source...] Check the source for the picture of the van ! The Rs 6 crore van for Ajmal Kasab After a bomb-proof tunnel worth Rs 2 crore, Ajmal Amir Kasab -- the lone terrorist caught alive in the November 26 attacks in Mumbai -- will get to travel around in special hi-tech secured...
  14. Pragadheesh

    Richest politician in Andhra Pradesh

    "Hyderabad, April 1 (IANS) With assets of over Rs.770 million (Rs.77 crore), Chief Minister Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy's son Y.S. Jaganmohan Reddy is undoubtedly the richest politician in Andhra Pradesh. Jaganmohan Reddy, who is making his debut in electoral politics by contesting from the Kadapa...
  15. gary4gar

    BJP to Support Open Source Software

    Read Full Even If BJP, Fullfils 50% of the above given promises given in 30-page IT Vision Document, I would be happy:))
  16. Pragadheesh

    AR Rahman’s brand value skyrockets to Rs10 crore

    The Oscar win seems to have not only provided AR Rahman a global platform for his music but has also shot up his market price to a throbbing Rs10 crore. According to reports, the composer has recently bagged an endorsement from Apple worth Rs10 crore. It is believed that Rahman is being...
  17. M

    Congress buys Jai Ho copyright for 1 crore !!!

    Congress (or maybe MadameJI) seems to have loved slumdog so much that after listing the oscars as the achievements of the government (Yep its true!!)... they have now bought the exclusive rights for the 'Jai Ho' song for Rs.1 crore .... to be used by the local autowale bhaiyaa who will play the...
  18. P

    Will Satyam Computers go bankrupt? Raju resigns

    Satyam's own Ramalinga Raju resigned and admitted that he had committed fraud and cash books of Satyam were inflated. The Satyam balance sheet, as on September 30, 2008, had an accrued interest of Rs 376 crore (Rs 3.76 billion) which is non-existent. It also had an understated liability of Rs...

    Govt releases 3G services rules and guidelines

    Rest of the news...
  20. din

    KSEB says NO to Microsoft, saves 5 Crore !!! News From Kerala

    Source - Todays Mathrubhumi / Deshabhimani newspapers. KSEB stands for Kerala State Electricity Board. I posted some news before, as part of the savings KSEB made. Now it is fully done and wants to know the savings ? 5.6 Crore Indian Rupees !!! They tested the system - includes office...
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