1. S

    perl .. param problem ...

    heya!!! I am trying to pass a parameter by the value 7_+series to a cgi script. What happens is, when I try getting this value by using $co->param() function, it returns me 7_series as of required 7_+series ... isn't it strange ?? I am pretty sure that there was no problem of character escaping...
  2. G

    Norton 2007 products released

    Well, another bloat i would say by the first look Symantec has relesed the Norton antivirus 2007 & Norton internet security 2007 for those who wanna use it not many feature updates, just the same old in new cosmetic looks, u can see the product home page I m going to download the 30 days...
  3. S


    I heard that overclocking of ngage qd is possible ,i want to know how cos i own one
  4. G

    Security Wendors whining : MS is killing our bussiness

    i got this one from neowin & winsupersite, lol can't stop laughing Symantec is already scared, cos with Vista there won't be much need for antivirus & firewall application other then those inbuilt. Windows defender is already quite good, & OneCare is better then Symantec Norton systemworks, &...
  5. M

    Looking for a cell phone withing Rs. 12K. SE w300i, Moto RAZR V3i or any other phone

    Hi friends my sister wants to buy a new cell phone. It should be within 12K range. 12.5K is the maximum. I am not sure if I can go above that. Phone that we've short listed are Sony Ericsson W300i Moto RAZR V3i Pink Sony Ericsson W700i, to the subject of dad's approval :D The...
  6. G

    Trying out ubuntu

    as u know, i m gonna try ubuntu for a while now, cos i need to work on shake 4.1 for linux & make it look like OS X with XGL before anything, remember i got 12 GB RAW HD space which i made for linux 1) How many partitions do i need 1 for linux - EXT3, what should be the size? 1 for swap...
  7. santu_29

    gprs or wap

    gprs or wap, the cost is diffrent for both but what exactly is the difference b/w the two and whats better cos i need to activate one on my 6630?
  8. A

    project plzz

    . Yes. Do that. You did not mention the platform you will use ie:Linux or Windows. Cos on the internet u will find thousands of projects for linux.
  9. D

    Help me decide my new phone.(13k)

    I have a budget of Rs13000 for my second phone. I am confused between loads of phones. The LG m4410 and the Nokia 3230 for instance. Is an OS like Symbian necessary for any certain functionality? Cos the 4410 i suppose does not have one.(though the dealer says it does have Symbian). Enough...
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