1. Pein

    PC information....

    alright guys i m new to these things...and i wanted to learn more about pc in i thought this site wud be right to learn more.....i hope u all will understand.. ok i have few question. 1.whats the difference between a graphics card.. lets take gtx 460 and gtx 560 the...
  2. vickybat

    Core i7 2920xm beats i7 980x

    Yup you read that correct guys. Here's the proof.
  3. IronCruz

    Audio lagging Video!!

    I have a movie. The problem is the audio comes first and then the corresponding action. Please tell me to correct it permanently.
  4. M

    Desktop Config - AMD 955 +880G

    Please Check this config I have planned, let me know if sounds correct. Budget around 25 K. What is needed: I needed a quad core atleast, but depends on the price, I think 955 is better as its going at 3.2GHz..Do let me know if you know any better ones and corrections. Regarding the Chipset, I...
  5. atanupal

    I have created KBC game, please have a look

    I have created KBC (Kaun Banega Crorepati - Big B Version) game, please have a look The url is .......: Downloads just search for Kaun Banega Crorepati....... You can directly download it from * It is just 240 kb in size...
  6. A

    My paypal name is wrong or correct

    Dear Sir, My bank account name is A.Kannan but paypal account name is Kannan A So I create another paypal account using signup buuton. Then type firstname=A. but paypal not accept dot(.) How do I create paypal account or old account is correct or not.
  7. P

    Access and VB6

    Hi friends, I am developing an application using VB6 and Access using ADO But the textboxes in Vb is showing incomplete info. like first five character of name, phone no. etc. Kindly let me know how can I correct it!
  8. H

    Icon display problem

    the text under the icons were not like this..can anybody help correcting them. have a look at my desktop and suggest measures to correct it. thanx rajiv
  9. A

    help needed!! space missing on ubuntu

    I insatlled ubuntu on my compaq nx612 laptop just yesterday using wubi. I had 4 partitions of my 160 gb hard drive. 16gb - main windows partition, two partitions of around 40gb each and one last partition of 53gb. i isntalled ubuntu on E which had around 40gb as mentioned earlier. now after...
  10. thetillian

    GUI Programming

    Hi guys i am studying in CSE and i had learned c++ but i want to know how to program GUI using c++ for windows and even linux platforms, i had googled my problem and i don't seem i had got correct answer so could please help me with it. Yeah i want to do some GUI programming for win7 and...
  11. jatt

    want to increase partion space

    Hi, dear friends, i have 80 GB hard disk on my laptop,but first partion which was C: was only i tried to increase that space by inserting windows xp cd.but when i deleted c and d partition.then my partition E: and F: converted to C: and D: respectively. then from fear of data lost which...
  12. quan chi

    how good gamer you really are??

    to the topic.i was getting bored with same all those threads and all monotonic posts.therefore i came up with a kind of contest where no prices will be awarded except points.:D this thread is intended for fun only therefore please try to maintain the fun factor. [/CENTER][/FONT] RULEZ...
  13. K

    What and how to do?

    *I have got Internet Download Manager (version 5.15 Build 5) in which there is a Tap named Dial UP wherein there is an option as Connections options under which are as follows: Connection Username Password What is the purpose and function of these options? *Whenever I open...
  14. heartripple

    My Net Speed

    Hey guys today I have tried to check the speed of my net. I went to and tested my speed. the result I got is here. "][/URL] Take a look at that and tell me is it correct or something else?
  15. P

    HP Extended Warrenty - For some models

    * Please check if your Lappi is under this and experiencing the stated problem You are eligible for 2 year warranty rather then the usual 1 year ps: mods moved it to correct section if it not in correct section
  16. sexyshrek

    SEO..... Do I have any Carrer Prospects in this?? plz help

    Hello all, Please help me... im doing job in a small company as an SEO (Search Engine Optimizer and Online Marketter), so any one can suggest me is this the correct way... or do I Have any future?? pls do help me.... waiting for your reply.....
  17. eggman

    Best EARPHONE within rs. 1000....apart from EP630

    The thread title has my needs!!! Please suggest earphones and only earphones. My current ep630 has got a little left right balance problem and it annoys me!!!Can't listen to it Noone??? Atleast tell some way to correct the left-right sound imbalance that I now have on my ep-630...
  18. RCuber

    Web Designing/programming help

    hey guys, I was basically a windows developer till now, but now I have been assigned 3 website development work. I have to build the sites from scratch. I am perty ok with Photoshop to create web the webpage layouts and then slice the PSD and open up in Dreamweaver, but here is where it ends, I...
  19. windchimes

    How to make subtitle in synch with the movie?

    Guys,I've few movie files with subtitles (.srt format ) which are not in synch with the movie. Is there any way to correct the file either editing that file or using any options in mediaplayer (does Klite have any option..??)
  20. T

    Zotac Geforce 8800 GT

    I would like to know how this graphcis card rates. The Zotac GF 8800GT 512 GDDR3. I am getting this card from Lynx India for 8860 bucks....Is that the correct price?
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