1. patkim

    Error 691

    Can there be any justification for getting Error 691 (invalid uid/pwd) despite I am entering correct uid/pwd. My Youtele broadband get connected from my home desktop PC. However when I connect my office laptop to the same Lan and try to connect using PPPEO connection in Win Xp, I get this...
  2. Y

    anjuta installation

    i have tried the sudo apt-get install anjuta but its says there is a conflicting software and ask me to resolve it but m not able to find out the correct way of installation with supporting files like autogen, gile,pcre which mentioned in the anjuta home page
  3. hansraj

    suggest me the correct ram for laptop

    The follwing are my pc specs and i want to upgrade my memory to 3 GB (as i have heard that having 4 GB in 32 bit XP version has no use.... the max which i can use is 3.2 GB). But it appears that my present ram module is 133 MHz and i want to know if it is better for me to go for removal of this...
  4. gora

    Advice Needed

    guys i m new to this forum and just want to take ur advice before buying the following hardware. C2D 7200 PALIT N73V 2GB DDR2 ZEBRONICS CABBY(BIJLI) DVD-RW (ANY BRAND) 250GB HDD 9600 GSO 384MB(PALIT) pleaes guys tell me if the following choices i made r correct and also could u please recomend a...
  5. W

    Digit didnt announce crossword winner despite correct entry

    Digit Crossword Contest a fraud : I had submitted an all correct entry, emailed it to tq at thinkdigit dot com on 6th May 2008 (admins may pm me to know the email and have me forward them a copy with original headers), please check ur email inbox also for 6th May emails. Subject of email was...
  6. kerthivasan

    Is it correct to install 98 after installing XP?

    hi guys. i have a doubt. i have heard that if one wants to install both 98 and XP, one should first install 98 and then install XP.i.e. one should first install older version and the newer version. IS IT CORRECT?
  7. praka123

    anybody saw "Dasavatharam" -south Indians?

    tonight most prolly gonna watch Dasavatharam.want to know the feedback from ppl who watched it!.already saw dr.grudge's blog.seems like kind of OK? correct me! :p oh! it is released in Hindi & Telegu too :?: dont know that!:o
  8. escape7

    How do i rectify this. [Image Included]

    How do i rectify this. [Image Included], Hijackthis log added... The open and explore options do not show, instead there is some random gibberish. I've got no idea how this happened, is it a virus or something? HOw do i correct it. Re-installing XP is not an option as i do not have the CD at...
  9. jack_the_ripper

    How to make multiple choice Questions?

    hi, I have to submit a project in a couple of days, and i have to create a questionnaire. Its like the user sees a Question and 4 options for it, if he chooses the wrong one, he gets information that it is wrong, similarly if the answer is correct, he gets to move on to the next Question...
  10. gauravsuneja

    how to correct installed packeges with umet dependancies

    i tried to install bluemarine on ubuntu it tried to install sun jre but it hangs for 5 hrs while configuring it .since then i am unable to install any thing like any *.deb file it say synaptic is already running and it says E: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'dpkg --configure...
  11. iMav

    Recommend a business fone

    As the title says, my uncle needs a business phone with the highest priority features are: 1. email viewing and sending - with attachments, excel,word,pdf etc 2. wi-fi 3. Quad band 4. Internet browsing 5. good battery life If i am correct most of these would be in some phone with Win Mo. So...
  12. S

    ipconfig problem

    I dont know giving my ipaddr publicly is correct r not ........but why is the command "ipconfig/all" showing like this
  13. fun2sh

    PROBLEM : Different Drive LETTERS in XP n VISTA!

    I have ACER 4710 lappy with 160gb HDD. Currently I have 5 partitions viz, C,D,E,F,G! I have VISTA installed in Drive C. My drive D is completely empty(but formatted though!). Now the problem is when I install XP it shows my D drive as F, similarly Drives E,F,G are also displayed with...
  14. techtronic

    Smps - ?

    Modern day Processors seem to be power efficient :D or atleast thats what they claim.Whenever we buy a SMPS, what factors should it depend so that we buy the perfect one with correct Watts so that not to weep later because of BSODs and untimely shutdowns ?
  15. mohitgiri

    cant install nero 7 in win vista

    i habe vista premium. i have installed nero 7 essitensial in it. but after few months i unistalled it. but now when i triying to installing nero. it shows u r entred invalid serial key while serial is correct. this cd is bundled with my dvd writer. plz help me friends
  16. P

    No Web Page

    Have a situation we can't find a solution for. Windows XP Home edition. Using a dialup connection from BSNL GPRS on Nokia 7610. Can dial in and connect with no problem. All connection settings are correct for the ISP being used. However, no matter what, cannot display any web pages. He can ping...
  17. User Name

    Correct config of D-Link GLB-502T modem?

    Any one know correct config of D-Link GLB-502T modem? So that i can use it more correctly. i did not understand many terms in this modem.(e.g.VPI,VCI,UPnP):confused:
  18. saurabh kakkar

    help me to install windows Xp after ubuntu

    hi My M$ windows Xp is dead Now i m left with ubuntu 7.04 only Plz tell me the correct way to install Windows Xp in such a manner that my ubuntu remains unaffected I have ubuntu 7.04 Alternate cd . there r so many methods on the net plz tell me the correct way :)
  19. clmlbx

    Can't I Learn C# ?

    Hello Guys , I Am The Guy With No Programming Language . So I Went To Aptech ( Computer Institute ). I Enquired For Course "c#" . She Said I Can't Learn C# Like That . First U Have To Learn C, C++ And The U Can Go For C# Bcoz Fundamentals Are Necessary To Clear And This Are Cleared In C &...
  20. Ihatemyself

    album art

    The album art 4 many songs is missing in my WMP Library and im tired of looking 4 album art of all of them..Isnt there any plugin/software which can itself find album art when media information is correct 4 all media .:confused: Ive done lotz of googling but didnt find an appropriate one!
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